Heartening news indeed!


The news that HH Mohrmen would be contesting the 2023 election from Jowai is good news for the state of Meghalaya. Of course, many journalists/columnists take pains to write to save this wretched state run by a man with an elusive dictatorial and bulldozing mindset and aided and abetted by the lethargic UDP, HSPDP and PDF.
Let us hope that the people of Jowai would not forget the river Myntdu now no longer potable with two powerful politicians allowing JCBs to push all road building debris into the river. People should not forget what this sitting MLA did by dumping sewage at Thomas Jones College or the FCI story with that peculiar bag of rice claimed by the Social Welfare minister to be vitamins. We wish you all the best Ma Mohrmen and hope that there will be many more who will stand on principles and not relay on money power only. Let’s remember that it was the politicians who corrupted people by throwing money around during elections. Sadly, now people are addicted to money. But Meghalaya claims to be a Christian state and the Bible says – The love of money is the root of all evils.

Yours etc

F. Lyngdoh

Shillong 14

Why this lapse on part of NEHU?


It seems that in most of the situations, NEHU ends up being in the news for the wrong reasons; most recently being the CUET fiasco followed by the Degree Exams for the final semester students. Another issue which NEHU has been sweeping under the carpet for the last two years is the affiliation of departments under the Colleges affiliated to NEHU.
When an affiliated College seeks affiliation for a subject / course of study, NEHU performs an inspection of the resources and one important criterion is the qualification of staff teaching the subject. Following the inspection, a leading College of the State was granted Permanent Affiliation for BCA Course in 2017, while it was still functioning under the Computer Sc. Department. For the purpose of getting affiliated, the teachers serving in the Dept of Computer Sc and having UGC norms were shown to be lecturers of BCA Course.
Once permanent affiliation was obtained, the College Authorities in February 2020 separated BCA from the Computer Science Department and gave it a status of an independent Department. Thereafter, two unqualified teachers who were not NET qualified became part of the BCA department. This appointment was a clear violation of NEHU Ordinance OB-6, Regulation RB-2, since these teachers did not fulfil UGC norms. On top of it, one of these unqualified teachers was subsequently appointed as Head of Department of BCA! What is very surprising is that there are a number of candidates of our state who have the qualification and are NET qualified but apparently the College Management prefers to stay ignorant.
This matter was brought to the notice of the CDC, NEHU through an RTI and in response the CDC has admitted that there is a violation of NEHU Ordinance OB-6, Regulation RB-2. The Executive Council of NEHU has the power to withdraw permission or any affiliation from a college/institution at any time if it fails to comply with the Rules, Regulations, Statutes, Ordinances or any other directives of the University. Since now it had been established that there was a violation of NEHU Ordinance, it is surprising that the CDC / Executive Council have kept quiet for reasons best known to them! The matter had been brought to the notice of the VC, NEHU but there has been no action as yet.
It is time for NEHU and the Meghalaya Education Department to take cognizance of this matter and institute an enquiry.

Yours etc

James Lyngdoh

Via email

Taxis looting passengers


Through these columns, I would like to inform the aam aadmi – who are burning their pockets in order to reach the ISBT at Mawiong from Shillong to catch their destination buses. You need not depend on the local cabbies in order to reach the ISBT after paying them Rs.300 – 400. You can easily board the All Meghalaya Tourist Maxi Cab, that is, the yellow color Mahindra Maxx from Iewduh, Rilbong Point, Garikhana and get dropped at ISBT. You will be charged only Rs.30. This is while going to ISBT. While coming to Shillong from ISBT, just stand on the roadside outside the ISBT campus for the same yellow Mahindra Maxx. Don’t just think that there is no communication left in this hill town barring the plundering local cabbies. You can even board the red color SPTS buses, although they have dwindled in numbers, in order to reach ISBT and back. A good public consciousness can actually prevent the local cabbies from looting unsuspecting passengers. To be aware is to be wise.

Yours etc.

BC Paul

Shillong – 4

Of ISI helmet rules


The Meghalaya Traffic Police needs to be applauded for their recent notification warning two-wheeler drivers and riders to wear only helmets that have passed the scrutiny of the Indian Standards Institute (ISI) and are therefore considered safe. Indeed, it is a good move to enlighten the public about the need to put on ISI certified helmets for their safety while riding, in place of helmets of inferior quality which are not duly certified as safe. However, I find this a bit of a knee-jerk reaction on the part of the Meghalaya Traffic Police, considering that helmets available in the market are mostly of inferior quality and their brands have not been well established. However, these very same helmets have acquired ISI marking to prove that they are fit for the roads, when actually they are not. For instance, I can bet that brands such as ‘Auto Green’, as demonstrated by police officials regarding the enforcement on the use of only ISI marked helmets, is one such example of an inferior quality helmet brand having the ISI mark. Such helmets tend to even put the life of riders at great risk. Hence a thorough examination of the durability and impact resistance of the helmet is imperative before one purchases these safety gears.
Of course, there are Indian produced helmets brands such as ‘Studds’, ‘Vega’, ‘Steelbird’, etc which are of fine quality and meet the standard ISI norms which are advisable for purchase. But the point I am trying to make here is that beyond these fine Indian produced helmets with ISI certification, there are imported brands that are not ISI certified that are available in the market such as ‘AGV’, ‘MT’, ‘Axxis’ , ‘XLite’, etc which are being used by many professional riders here. Hence the Police Department should not just treat them as unsafe. I understand that they might not meet the ISI certification norms but I can vouch that their safety ratings are far above the ISI certified ones. I therefore request the concerned authorities to review this matter of crucial importance, as it is not always that ISI marked helmets are safe, going by their quality. Foreign helmet brands are worth considering if one is concerned about safety although the laws of the land do not recognise them.

Yours etc;

Mewan Pariat,


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