A Taste of Summer

  By Dino Renthlei

Summer’s finally here! Well, weather-wise one may not really agree, what with the rains showering on us a little earlier than expected. But, hey! Meghalaya’s very own Summersalt has just turned the tide around for all of us Shillongites with their brand new summer music video Mluh!

One of the city’s most loved band’s with their fusion of ‘traditional and Western instrumental mix’ of music has finally released one of the catchiest mixes of the season with their brand new single titled Mluh (which translates to salt in English).

With over 10,000 views in the first 24 hours of its release, it’s pretty obvious that the track is already on its way to becoming a major hit!

Released on June 29, 2022 at the Asian Confluence Headquarters, Shillong in collaboration with the North East Slow Food & Agrobiodiversity Society (NESFAS), Summersalt’s new hit is on its way to raising the city’s mercury levels with some really catchy tunes and divine vocals belted out by the band’s lady vocalist Pynsuklin Syiemiong.

According to the band, the main idea behind the track is to celebrate the nutritional quotient of the rich indigenous foods of the Khasi hills. As a result, it only made sense for them to work closely with NESFAS for the release of the video.

Kit Shangpliang with Javed Akhtar

Speaking on their latest single Mluh, lead singer Syiemiong says, “Whenever we perform this foot-tapping Khasi song, whether in India or abroad, people naturally join in to sing along, whether they know or do not know the language. There are parts in the song, where even a non-singer can hum along. It is a typical picnic song where one can sit around a bonfire to have their slice of fun.”

Summersalt’s members further express that through their sophomore album titled KLIAR, they’re looking to display the traditions and culture of the indigenous Khasi people to the rest of the world.

Comprising of Kitkupar Shangpliang (main vocals/ acoustic guitar), Ador (duitara and keys), Pynsuk (female main vocal), Weet (drums and vocals), Greg (electric guitar), Dajied (traditional percussionist), Pynshai (bass guitar) Summersalt, in late 2021, performed across six venues in two European countries – Germany and Denmark. Unfortunately for the band, however, one of its members Baiaineh C Shangpliang passed away.

Hence, the band thought it would make so much more sense releasing their album as homage to (L) Baiaineh whose birth anniversary is June 29. They have also revealed that they will be releasing one song at a time with the last of their 11 tracks expected to be released sometime during the winter.

Coming back to their new music video, the lip-smacking visuals of the Khasi Hills’ favourite cuisines are bound to leave viewers craving for their favourite local dishes. An interesting aspect of the video is that it has been set to resemble the picnic culture of the Khasi hills during the late 1970s and 80s while incorporating stylised elements that connect with the gen X group, millennials and even the gen Z crowd. The giant bamboo table set for plating the exquisite dishes, some of which are rarely seen nowadays. The gala time just beside a stream draws the rural locals into the scene. There is dancing and merry-making with food and music taking centre stage.

All in all, Mluh is a fun, easy-to-connect and endearing family-friendly song that is bound to leave you either tapping your foot to the beat or simply humming to the catchy intro that goes ‘Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh.’

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