Ao asks BJP state chief to ‘gracefully retire’


SHILLONG, Aug 14: Accusing BJP state president Ernest Mawrie of causing substantial damage to the party in Meghalaya, BJP national vice president in-charge of Meghalaya M Chuba Ao on Sunday asked the former to ‘gracefully retire’.
Expressing strong resentment over the style of functioning of the state president, Ao said: “(Ernest) Mawrie should understand that the BJP is not his private party. He has insulted all the elected members and aspiring candidates and even Prime Minister Narendra Modi and party national president JP Nadda.”
Ao also maintained that Mawrie’s style of functioning have given him reasons enough to believe that he could be an NPP “agent”.
He suspected that Mawrie was making attempts to ensure that BJP candidates do not contest the 2023 Assembly elections to ensure an easy victory for the NPP.
“Enough damage has been done to the saffron party. He (Mawrie) should gracefully retire by respecting the PM and Nadda ji,” Ao added.