US worried by Pak’s path as nations entering into deals with China ‘don’t end up well’

Washington, Sep 1 : The US doesnt ask Pakistan to choose between it and China, but rather wants countries “to be able to have a choice”, the media reported.

However, Washington is worried that nations entering into relationships with China “are not going to end up well”, Dawn news quoted Derek Chollet, a senior adviser to the US Secretary of State, as saying.In an interview with Dawn, Chollet said Washington was not “afraid of competing with China, but would like to have a fair competition”.

He stressed that the US had honest differences with both India and Pakistan, but wanted to maintain and diversify its strong relationship with Islamabad, Dawn reported.

Chollet also spoke about former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s allegations of US involvement in toppling his government, pointing out that those claims were completely baseless.

Asked if the US was upset with Khan and those allegations make him a less liked politician in the US, Chollet told Dawn news: “All I can say is that there is nothing to the allegations. Those were not true.

“What we want to stay focused on is where we are going in the US-Pakistan relationship, to reflect on all that we have achieved in 75 years but also all that we must achieve in the coming 75 years.”

The US official also underlined Washington’s concerns about the current floods in Pakistan, pointing out that President Joe Biden’s administration had already announced a $30 million in assistance and was willing to do more.


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