AITC leader offers face-to-face debate with Tynsong in presence of media

Meghalaya Deputy CM Prestone Tynsong. File Photo.


Shillong, Sep 22: The National spokesperson of All India Trinamool Congress (AITC), Saket S Gokhale, has offered to have a discussion/debate with Meghalaya Deputy Chief Minister, Prestone Tynsong in the presence of Shillong media on ‘alleged irregularities’ in implementing Shillong Smart City project, collapse of Meghalaya Assembly dome and anomalies in contract awarding process as well as overall misgovernance.

In a letter (copy of which is available with the ST) addressed to the Deputy Chief Minister Tynsong, the AITC national spokesperson stated, “Sir, Yesterday, on 21.09.2022, you conducted a press conference with several media and press outlets in Meghalaya. During this press conference, you were questioned about the facts of several irregularities that I, on behalf of the TMC, have raised over the last 2 months especially pertaining to the matter of Shillong Smart City Ltd. and the collapse of the Meghalaya Assembly Dome and the anomalies in the contract process.

“In response, you failed to provide any answer to the allegations and instead referred to me and said that “If he is so concerned, let him come to Shillong and find out.” I have been in Shillong constantly over the last 2 months and have seen first-hand the irregularities in the administration about the issues I have raised.

“I am delighted to inform you that I will be back in Shillong in a week. And pursuant to your comment, I suggest that we together do a discussion/debate in the presence of the media in Shillong on the issues of misgovernance that I and the TMC have raised. Any date in the 1st week of October at your convenience is suitable for me. I eagerly hope you will accept my offer and await your response.”