FKJGP members go berserk during rally; innocent people, journalist attacked


Shillong, Oct 28: It was terror unleashed in Shillong city as members of the  Federation of Khasi, Jaintia and Garo People FKJGP assaulted innocent passers by  during the rally against unemployment from Motphran to Fire brigade.

The assaults started as soon as the rally started to march on the GS Road leading to Khyndailad. While it looked like any other rally from upfront but in between members of the group many masked punched and kicked passers by and those caught in the traffic jam.

Emboldened by no action from the police and no visible efforts from the leaders, the terror continued and escalated near Dhankheti junction.

Many people were injured in the melee.

There has been no word from the authorities yet on the incident, however social media is rife with condemnation from citizens.

Meanwhile, a reporter of a local daily – U Mawphor was also assaulted for taking videos; shopkeepers downed their shutter while citizens were seen running for safety.