Jetty policy will convert Goa into coal hub, gambling den: Alemao

Panaji, Oct 31 :The Leader of Opposition, Yuri Alemao on Monday alleged that the proposed jetty policy in the state will convert Goa into a coal hub and a gambling den.

Claiming that the jetty policy is against the interests of the locals, many activists and citizens have opposed the move of the government.

“The Goa government is trying to support crony capitalists by proposing the jetty policy. There is absolutely no clarity on Jetty policy. We don’t know who is the operator and owner of it. Maybe those into the coal business and casino operators will be the owners of it,” Alemao said here.

“The government is trying to convert Goa into a coal hub and a gambling den. We will object to the jetty policy,” Alemao said.

He said that Tourism Minister Rohan Khaunte must first review the ‘Copy Paste’ Goa Tourism Policy and Master Plan prepared at the cost of almost Rs 5 crore.

“Let the Captain of Ports handle the Jetty Policy,” He said.

However, Tourism Minister Rohan Khaunte had earlier clarified that the Jetty Policy was proposed to foster tourism.

“Some say that this policy is for coal. But we are clear that this is a tourism jetty policy. We want to remove touts from the tourism spots and we have already started the action,” Khaunte had said.

Following the protest against the jetty policy, the government had kept open draft policy for objection and suggestions till October 31. (IANS)

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