Meghalaya BJP playing fast and loose

Elections to the Meghalaya assembly are due in February 2023. This leaves the political parties with just two months to prepare for what is the biggest statewide extravaganza. Despite all talks of reducing election expenses and the Election Commission ostensibly keeping an eagle’s eye on possible violations of its orders, money flows like water and wine. The Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) has to all intents and purposes had a smooth ride despite the number of scams in its kitty. Due to lack of public pressure the Government has been able to outwit the people of the State. Enquiries into the scams that were called out by the media were all meant to hoodwink. It is a pity that the legislators too remained content with the shabby enquiry reports. For the purpose of transparency enquiries should be conducted by an independent body. How can a government accused of wrongdoing be allowed to pick and choose people to be part of an enquiry committee? Is this not a hoax played on the people of Meghalaya?
The coalition partners in the MDA include the NPP, UDP, BJP, PDF and NCP. Each of these parties will be fighting each other in the 2023 elections. Having been married for all of five years and been partners in all the scams committed under the aegis of the MDA, the parties are now going to indulge in the biggest blame game. Going by visible trends the UDP and BJP are both going to wash their hands off the scams and blame it all on the NPP, the main coalition partner. It will be interesting to watch these coalition partners launching verbal calisthenics at their former allies. This happens because voters are considered dumb driven cattle who can be easily fooled.
The BJP is now most vehement in its display of animosity towards the NPP. From claiming that it will win a majority in 2023 to launching broadsides at the NPP, the BJP has done it all. But will the Party be able to wash its hands off all the scams so easily? A coalition by definition implies collective responsibility on all actions taken. The BJP is as much responsible for the poor governance that Meghalaya has suffered for the past 4.10 years as the other parties in the MDA Government. No amount of white-washing by the BJP honchos will clear them of the allegations that they were part of the smart meter scam, the rice scam, the Assembly dome collapse, the vehicle and construction scam in the Police Department amongst others. All the coalition parties are partners in crime. The BJP should stop fooling voters by threatening to divorce the MDA at this juncture. It just does not wash!

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