Pak resistance, double standards of nations block justice for 26/11

New Delhi, Nov 26: ¬†Fourteen years after a series of terror attacks claimed 160 lives and left over 300 injured in Mumbai, ‘complete justice’ still eludes the victims as many conspirators of the three-day onslaught still remain unpunished.

There are some countries which often try to cover up the nefarious activities of Pakistan.

After the attack on November 26, 2008, India provided Pakistan with sufficient evidence on accused Ajmal Kasab and David Coleman Headley, which revealed how Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) were closely linked.

India also provided documents of dialogue exchanged between LeT and ISI, but Pakistan did not take cognisance of the same.

India played an audio clip of Pakistan-based terrorist Sajid Mir at a UN counter-terrorism meeting in October, detailing Pakistan’s role in the terror attacks.

In the audio clip, Mir can be heard giving instructions to the terrorists during the onslaught.

All the elaborate meetings have borne no fruits, since all steps taken to control it seem like a facade put up by the authorities.

An example of this is the recent removal of Pakistan from Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) grey list, following which an increase was recorded in the activities of Pakistani terrorists.

The country has been accused of money laundering and terror financing. Pakistan was given a big relief despite India opposing its removal from the list.

A recent statement by India’s Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar at the United Nations meeting also portrays that a lot remains to be done at the global level regarding terrorism.

Jaishankar said that the main conspirators and planners of the 26/11 terror attacks were safe and had not been punished. He said that when it came to banning certain terrorists, the UN Security Council (UNSC) was regrettably unable to act for political reasons.

China has often been seen leaving no chance to save terrorists dedicated to Pakistan from global forums. Recently, China vetoed the joint proposal by India-US to include LeT terrorist Hafiz Talha Saeed, in the UNSC’s 1267 global terrorists’ list.

Talha Saeed is the son of LeT Chief and Mumbai attacks mastermind, Hafiz Saeed.

Earlier, China had vetoed India-US’ proposal to include LeT terrorist Shahid Mehmood, in the UN’s list of global terrorists.

China has obstructed India’s efforts to stop terrorism several times.

In the “No Money for Terror” Conference held in Delhi on November 18-19, Prime Minister Narendra Modi underlined the need behind global organisations understanding that absence of war did not necessarily guarantee peace. He said that proxy wars were more dangerous.

Prime Minister Modi said that organisations and people who sympathised with terrorists needed to be isolated.

“All terror attacks deserve equal outrage and action,” he asserted.


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