Uniform Civil Code


The much-awaited move of the Union Government to introduce the Uniform Civil Code in the country should have been implemented decades back but, unfortunately legislation could not be enacted till date due to strong opposition from different corners of the society as well as from political parties terming that UCC is against the Constitution as it will affect the secular fabric of the nation and will also disturb law-and-order situation. It is not understood how a law like UCC can create outrage. In fact, there should not be any separate law based on religion in a secular country. Perhaps the essence of secularism is far from our understanding. India is a secular country and it must have a single law for its citizens across the country for public and personal matters like marriage, divorce, transfer of property, succession, population control, eligibility to avail government jobs, schemes etc. There cannot be community status (minority/majority) based on religion. There are several Supreme Court rulings that have recognised the need for UCC. Section 36, 37 and 44 of Chapter IV of the Constitution clearly mandate that among other arrangements, the state shall provide a uniform civil code for its citizen.

Yours etc.,

Krishnendu Deb,


Netaji – the true freedom fighter


Subhash Chandra Bose is a source of inspiration for the youth. The struggle-filled journey of his life and his efforts to make the country independent are an immortal-saga. Today it is necessary to remember his historic speech given in Rangoon on his birthday. He had said, “My comrades in the freedom struggle! Freedom seeks sacrifice. You have sacrificed a lot for freedom, but your life is yet to be sacrificed. I ask you one thing and that is blood. The blood that the enemy has shed for us, can only be repaid with blood. So you give me blood, I will give you freedom”.
Subhash Chandra Bose was put under house arrest in his own house during World War II. But one night he left his own house by throwing dust in the eyes of the watchman. He left India in disguise and went first to Germany and then to Singapore where he organized the “Azad Hind Fauj” with the help of Rash Behari Bose. In this regard he earned the title” NETAJI ” in Germany by the Indian soldiers of Azad Hind Fauj. Netaji started his gallant and victorious journey till Imphal but after that he had to retreat due to lack of food and weapons. With his heart throbbing with pain, Netaji boarded a plane for Tokyo, but regretted never to return. There is a mystery about Netaji’s death. Although it is rumored that Netaji died in a plane crash, many Indians still believe that Netaji is still alive. Dead or alive, our beloved Netaji will live on in our minds forever.

Yours etc.,

Pinaki Nandy


Truth as casualty


The colonial mind set of a section of Indian intelligentsia contrary to the judgement passed by the Supreme Court of India came to the forefront with the release of a documentary by the British Broadcasting Company on the 2002 Gujarat riot which erupted after the horrific Godhra train burning incident. Intense judicial, media and administrative scrutiny of 2002 Gujarat riot particularly the role of the then Chief Minister of Gujarat had been done during the tenure of UPA-I and II Government, Supreme Court and free media (assuming that the media were free and unbiased till May, 2014). However, last year, the Apex Court had exonerated Sri Narendra Modi from all charges relating to the incident.
The so-called left liberals who constantly vouch for the Constitution of our country have now conveniently ignored the Supreme Court verdict and rallying behind the documentary film which pronounced Narendra Modi ‘guilty’ of the 2002 incident. The adversaries of Narendra Modi give credence to any narrative/propaganda propounded by western media as the gospel truth irrespective of the actual fact. According to them Western people are civilized and liberal and are epitome of virtues compared to Indian people and Indian Institutions. History however, paints a completely different picture of the so-called ‘civilized’ western people. They had colonized many countries of the world, plundered and looted those countries, killed innocent people and exterminated original inhabitants as in USA and Canada. They are the people who had indulged in slave trade, practiced apartheid (till 1990s) and killed millions of Jews barely seventy years ago. Are these symbols of civility? Till 1960s in the USA discrimination on the basis of skin colour was part of their polity, can anyone deny this? The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine is the shining example of the activities of civilized countries of the west. However, truth is always a victim amongst the left-liberals.

Yours etc.,

Debajyoti Bhattacharjee


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