TMC goes ballistic over Conrad’s defection remark

SHILLONG, Jan 24: TMC has gone ballistic against Conrad Sangma over his jibe that the party MLAs were prone to defection.
A day after the NPP national president made a loaded statement asking TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee, to verify the credentials of her party confidantes, who are already discussing switchover plans once the elections are over, TMC national general secretary, Abhishek Banerjee on Tuesday roasted the NPP national president calling the Chief Minister “perplexed, bewildered, scared and rattled” by TMC’s challenge to NPP.
Reacting sharply, Banerjee said “it is unbecoming of a Chief Minister to believe the market agents and market rumours”.
Taking a swipe at Conrad, he commented, “You hardly found time in last 5 years to stand by the people of your state, so if you are only talking bad about the people of the state, you are ending up belittling and denigrating the people of Meghalaya.”
Banerjee advised Conrad Sangma to concentrate rather on his campaign.
He described NPP as “National Puppets Party” and said, “It is only a matter of time when this ‘My Development Alliance’ will be ousted and a real growth-oriented government will be established.” Asked if the party was voted to power, would it take action against the corruption as a series of scams and irregularities have been reported during MDA rule, Banerjee replied in affirmative saying some people who have taken the aspiration and mandate of people for granted and deliberately sitting over things and doing nothing will be taken to tasks.
“All perpetrators will be brought to book to ensure that Meghalaya emerges as a model state,” he said.
Banerjee did not have any kind words for the BJP either. He dared any of the national leaders of the BJP to come to Meghalaya and say that “Meghalaya will not be ruled from the ivory towers of Delhi and Guwahati”.
The statement came from Banerjee when asked about the accusation that TMC is an “outsider” party in Meghalaya.
Making himself clear, Banerjee said, “On record I am saying Meghalaya will be ruled by Meghalayans and Meghalaya will be ruled by the Garos, the Khasis and the Jaintias.”
“Will BJP have the guts to come in Bengal and say Bengal will be ruled by Bengalis alone?”
“Let BJP come and say, and I will apologise to every Meghalayan with folded hands,” he said.

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