Renaming iconic park as G-20 upsets many in Lucknow

Lucknow, Jan 3:  Lucknow’s iconic 58-year-old Globe Park has been renamed as G-20 Park. The decision is being strongly opposed by students, teachers, historians and eminent citizens who feel that the park is an important landmark of the state capital with a history behind it.

The Globe Park was built by former mayor Padma Bhushan Colonel V.R. Mohan with the idea to inculcate scientific temper in school children.

It has a rotating globe of 40 feet height with a diameter of 21 feet, depicting the exact position of the countries on earth.

Professor Nadeem Hasnain, former head of the anthropology department of Lucknow University and former pro-vice chancellor of Wardha-based Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University, said, “This step reflects the mindset of the district administration. The government should create new parks and name them as they like.

“The park was made for the learning of students and it was also named so that it generates curiosity in the mind. Changing its name to G-20, will not serve the purpose for which it was established.”

A senior citizen K.K. Mishra said, “The Globe Park is a part of Lucknow’s history whereas G-20 is an event that will lose its relevance after a year. If the government wants people to remember that India had its presidency, they could have made a new road, park or have a memorial hall where students can go and learn about G-20, its members, how it influences the world, and what were the achievements India got or will get under its presidency.”

Divisional Commissioner Roshan Jacob, in a recent order, has also ordered renaming a pond at Vrindavan colony, Pipraghat circle, and a road adjacent to Janeshwar Mishra park as G-20.


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