Mawroh-Mawkynroh- Mawlai road construction


Much has been written and many opinions given through this paper in the past on bad roads and road construction in Shillong city, not to speak of rural roads. We  all are concerned about public property and assets, since such roads come once every 50 years or so. The current double-laning of Mawroh – Mawkynroh road leading up to ISBT which is long-awaited is near completion. Thanks to the PWD Roads and for the contractors for making this happen although it has taken more than 2 years for this to reach near completion. However, I would once again point out as a lay person that the quality of work is not up to the standards laid down for road construction. I have seen many roads constructed, while passing through the length and breadth of this state, Garo Hills, Assam etc, All I can say is this – the roads here are of poor quality. Roads constructed by renowned companies/groups as per specifications are always good and last for years. This road is only a few months old and we can see the unevenness, especially at night when the lights are on. Smoothness is a concern because the thickness of the bitumen is very poor. The uppermost layer should have been of 6 inches thickness or more to make it last longer , smoother and bear the load of heavy vehicles. Currently we do not know who the contractors undertaking this important task are. This road is already busy and traffic will be enormous once it is completed. I don’t know how long the road will last and the public would be the losers and sufferers in future. I would request the PWD Roads to please conduct a proper spot inspection and  supervision to oversee the  quality of work before giving the completion certificate.

Further, roads will not last in the absence of drainage systems. Till date there are no signs of drain construction. I would suggest that side drains be simultaneously constructed so that rain water will not erode the road. Moreover, road markings sideways and in the middle for safety sake has not been done since the road is already functional. I would request the engineers and subordinate officers of PWD to act immediately as this road is under construction and nearing completion. Please do not leave the work to the “contractors” alone. For the future we all want to see good quality roads in our Shillong city and not sub-standard ones.

Further, the much-awaited road from Petrol Pump to Mawroh junction is in progress. The same story continues as the quality of work done in the completed portion is not visible. The smoothness of the road is lacking in many portions of the road length especially in the middle of the road. In some parts the bitumen is alright and in others it is not.  My sincere request to the contractors undertaking this important project of this very busy road is to do the work judiciously for the good of every citizen in this part of the city.

Across Shillong, roads are in a very bad shape. Whether you drive in a new or old car, the roads will shake and jolt your car. Constant repairs and patch work annually or bi-annually have damaged the smoothness and quality of the roads. In public interest I request that good roads be made so that we can be proud of our city. I hope our respected leaders under MDA 2.0 will deliver the goods to at least make it worthy of Shillong to be a Smart City. This is written in public interest and not to criticise or offend anyone. These are my personal views.

Yours etc.,

Reward Rymbai,

Via email

Man-Made Traffic Jam


Traffic jams have become a major issue in all major cities. In Shillong, all of us are losing our sense of direction. For example, residents of the southern part of Shillong, who want to go to Police Bazar, must drive around Anjali petrol pump, the most congested area of the city. To avoid this impractical traffic arrangement, we are bound to take the road via Pine Mount School, and unnecessarily overcrowd the road from Barik to Civil Hospital.  Therefore, diverting the traffic to other routes causes traffic jams. Many times, the flow of traffic gets disrupted because of bad and arrogant behaviour of the drivers. On top of that Government vehicles are daily violating traffic rules. Look how they crush us. They are always in a hurry, for what? Difficult to answer.

The Government should immediately identify spaces to allot street hawkers a safe and respectable place. They should not be allowed to sit on the curbs of the road. They encroach a major portion of the road and footpath, which adds to traffic jams.  We always notice that the PWD road from Laban Sports Club till Seven Set School is converted to a parking area. Surely when vehicles are allowed to park only on one side, a two-way traffic on the road may be allowed, when the road from Crinoline to Barik is always a two-way road. This will avoid congestion at the two main junctions at Barik and Civil Hospital. Definitely, residents of the Southern part of Shillong will ply via these useful roads.

We really appreciate the Seng Kynthei Cathedral Parish, Laitumkhrah, who took the initiative to ease traffic jams by providing a parking place. Even then there are still stubborn, stingy, and uncaring individuals, who still park their vehicles along the driveway to the Cathedral, and at the main road just to save parking fees of Rs.20. There is no point in sending your children to school, when everyday you illegally, wrongly, and carelessly teach them how to park their vehicle wherever convenient for you. The principle of triple parking convergence concept beside Pine Mount School, Bharat Scouts and Guide and Laban Sports Club, the Cathedral, Laitumkhrah, etc. does not rule out the possibility of increasing traffic jams on these crowded roads. Even the road from Civil Hospital to the statue of (L) Thrang Hok Rangad is not spared. Often the sight of hapless traffic constables, struggling helplessly with the milling traffic can be seen here. They keep on whistling not knowing what to do.

“No parking space, No solution.” The Government also should take initiative to provide a parking place inside the premises of Pine Mount School. It will not hamper sports activities of the students considering the vast area the school has. The narrow patch of road from old Laban Bus Stop near Police Station, to St. John’s School is also having the same problem. Cars are parked on the side of the road causing great difficulties for pedestrians especially for the school going children and their guardians. Driving on this road is nightmarish. Parking on this patch of road should altogether be disallowed. When you take a round from the Red Cross via Iew Dak, St. John’s School, come down to Red Cross, the road is approximately one km but you will be greeted by 27 numbers of speed-breakers. Rich people who own more than one vehicle always would welcome the odd-even rule, and we were shocked to learn that one of the senior members of a major regional party supported this selfish road rationing scheme, for his own convenience. Please think about those who took a loan for one second-hand Maruti 800 or Tata Nano. We paid our taxes in full not 50%, so we should get even space to drive our vehicles. Our experience was mind boggling.

Yours etc.

D Pakyntein

Via email.

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