Bihar: 39 children fall ill after lizard was found in mid-day meal

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Shillong, May 19: A lizard was discovered in a government school’s midday meal in the Saran region of Bihar, after which 36 children fell sick. One of the students found the reptile on his plate.

The incident took place on Thursday during the government school’s lunch period for the children. When a student discovered the lizard on his plate, he quickly alerted the teachers. The school subsequently stopped providing lunch service.

The students who reported having health issues were hurried to Sadar Hospital, where they are currently stable.

Dr. Santosh, a physician from Sadar Hospital, declared that the 36 students are now stable and safe.

In the meantime, the district administration learned about the incident from the government school.

Sanjay Kumar Rai, a Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM), visited the hospital to learn about the pupils’ health.

“Of the forty students who had eaten the midday meal, 36 had been ill. The SDM stated that the NGO in charge of providing food to the pupils at the public school will be subject to action” he said.

Suman Kumari, the headmistress of the public school, stated, “The NGO brought the food for the pupils’ midday lunches. One of the students told us that there was a lizard on his plate. The 36 students’ health thereafter began to decline. We took them right away to Sadar Hospital. They are currently doing well.