Priyanka condemns ‘appalling’ death of Indian student in US


Actress Priyanka Chopra has responded to the tragic death of an Indian student named Jaahnavi Kandula in the US, calling it “appalling”. She also fumed at the fact that the whole news of her death only surfaced nine months after her passing.
Taking to her Instagram Stories, the Citadel actress wrote: “It’s appalling to learn that such a tragic incident that occurred 9 months ago is only now coming to light.”
“A life is only a life. It has no monetary worth,” she added. Director-actor-singer Farhan Akhtar had also expressed his sympathies on Instagram, writing: “#JaahnaviKandula. Sincere condolences to your family. “RIP.” The 23-year-old student had died on January 23, 2023, after being struck by a Seattle police patrol vehicle in the US.
Months after her death, a recording from a body-worn camera surfaced, where two union leaders from the Seattle Police Department were heard laughing about her death.
Massive outrage sparked after the recording leaked and went viral, with the Consulate General of India in San Francisco calling the incident “deeply troubling”. (IANS)


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