Nicolas Cage thrilled by the idea of being aged up for The Retirement Plan


Hollywood star Nicolas Cage relished the idea of being aged up for ‘The Retirement Plan’.
The 59-year-old actor plays a retired assassin in director Tim Brown’s new movie, and he was quick to get on board for the project because not only did he like the script, but he was intrigued at the thought of playing someone a decade older, reports
“I sent Mike (Nilon), his manager, the script, and he responded. He said that he thought it was really funny. He loved the family theme that’s running through it,” Tim told The Hollywood reporter when discussing how he got the Pig star on board.
“He loved the idea of playing a grandfather and playing a bit older than his own age. So he liked the idea of being aged up, and that was pretty much it.
We talked a lot about the material, and the comedy really drew him to it.” (IANS)


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