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14-year-old Shillong prodigy Jayden Nongkhlaw secures win


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By Our Reporter

Shillong, Nov 5: In a remarkable display of skill and determination, 14-year-old Jayden Nongkhlaw from Shillong claimed victory in the National Novice category at the MRF MOGRIP National Supercross Championship 2023, held during the fourth round of the event in Bangalore on Sunday.
Adding to the excitement of the day, Bantei also secured a noteworthy win in the MOGRIP competition.
The MRF MOGRIP National Supercross Championship 2023 witnessed fierce competition as riders from across the country gathered in Bangalore for the fourth round of the championship. Jayden Nongkhlaw’s victory in the National Novice category not only showcased his talent but also marked a significant milestone in his young career.
Additionally, in the MOGRIP event, Bantei demonstrated skill and determination, registering a well-deserved win. The event was a true testament to the riders’ commitment to their craft and their pursuit of excellence in the world of supercross.
The MRF MOGRIP National Supercross Championship 2023 continues to be a platform for young talents like Jayden Nongkhlaw and experienced riders like Bantei to shine and compete at the highest level. As the championship progresses, fans can anticipate more thrilling action and outstanding performances from the participants.
This year’s MRF MOGRIP National Supercross Championship has been a thrilling spectacle, with riders pushing their limits and demonstrating exceptional skills on the challenging tracks. Jayden Nongkhlaw’s victory in the National Novice category not only earned him well-deserved recognition but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring young riders across the nation.
Bantei’s triumph in the MOGRIP event highlights the fierce competition within the championship, with riders leaving no stone unturned to secure victory. The atmosphere at the event was electric, with spectators witnessing heart-pounding action and breathtaking maneuvers on the tracks.


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