Thursday, April 25, 2024

Biden or Trump


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Americans, it appears, believe stoically in the phrase, ‘Old is Gold.’ With Democratic Party’s Joe Biden and Republicans’ Donald Trump winning the primary push in the minimum required 15 states each already, the die is somewhat cast for the November US presidential elections followed by the installation of a new president in January. Biden is aged 81 and Trump 77, both not in the best of health. After Indian-American candidate Nikki Haley exited from the race when she lost to Trump in the Super Tuesday pre-poll challenge, the former president has emerged as the presumptive Republican nominee for the exalted post in the party’s July meet. The grit and determination of Trump to seek presidency again, a term after his exit from power, must be appreciated, but a larger question is why is the American democracy not sound enough to throw up smarter faces to guide the destiny of not only their nation but also of the world.
Incumbent Joe Biden has a wealth of experience as a seasoned administrator, having served as vice president during the term of Barack Obama. Yet, his low profile set against the aggressive high profile of Donald Trump came as an advantage to him in the last presidential polls. Trump rode to power practically with no administrative experience and his popularity was anchored in his images as a businessman and TV debater. His rough and tough styles won him admirers, and these would again be projected as and when he runs for the presidency again. The world requires a strong president in Washington to tackle situations in hotspots like Ukraine, West Asia and Taiwan. Keeping Russia and China under check is important. Joe Biden did not concede ground to the Islamists targeting Israel in West Asia, the Russians in their offensives against Ukraine or China in its continued attempts to take on Taiwan, the breakaway Republic. Without strong US backing, none of these small nations could have survived the odds. The last word is not heard yet in the two theatres of war. Even granted that the US should first and foremost mind its own business, the American leadership of the world cannot be wished away. This is because the UN today is not very effective on its own.
The strength of the US is also the strength of the world. It acts as the big brother, often justifiably interfered in the affairs of other nations, overthrew dictators like Saddam Hussein or throttled nations like Afghanistan, but did not annex these nations. Rather, these were left to their own people to govern and survive or perish. America as a society opens its arms to draw in people from around the world. In a sense it has enriched its own experiences.


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