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Eager to know names of traditional faith practitioners


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Bhogtoram Mawroh, in his letter to the editor, “What does being Khasi mean?”(ST March 26, 2024), did not give the exact clarification that was solicited vide my letter ”Khasi community & traditional faith practitioners”(ST March 25, 2024), I had requested the writer to give “examples” of “those traditional faith practitioners who want to break the community.” I am keen to know the “names” of those traditional faith practitioners who want to break the community (The Khasi community) or the “‘names” of groups/associations/organizations that the practitioners are associated with. It seems that Mawroh has the names, and hence he should share those with the readers to bring about clarity.
Yours etc.,
Wallambiang Rani,
Upper Shillong

Burning the CAA documents unwarranted

Some incidents where copies of the CAA were publicly burnt are troubling. Some parts of the North East including our State of Meghalaya participated in this act. It is highly condemnable. Such action by few individuals and groups against a law which has been duly passed by the Parliament of our country appears nothing short of a criminal act and due cognizance needs to be taken by the district administration and law enforcing authorities against the perpetrators. In a democracy, every citizen or any organization has the right to protest but the course of protest should also be democratic and within the ambit of law. The opponents of CAA are at liberty to approach the judiciary, scrap the law by voting out the Government that brought the legislation and adopt other democratic means of protest in order to annul the legislation. But burning copies of the law is nothing but complete disrespect and blatant violation of the Constitution of our country. In future, if any individual or organization publicly burns the copy of the Sixth Schedule of our Constitution terming it as biased towards some groups and discriminatory towards others and demands its scrapping, will the State machinery remain a mute spectator and not take any legal action against the protestors as they are now?
Yours etc.,
N K Kehar,
Via email

Secularism an intrinsic facet of Indian democracy

In the article, “Religion and Politics debate” (ST, March 25, 2024), VK Lyngdoh rightly said, “the term ‘secular’ remains a fundamental aspect of India’s constitutional identity”. Unfortunately, some people have been trying to banish the word – ‘secular’ from our Constitution by spreading half-truths. They argue that since this word was not there in the original Constitution, it should not be a part of it.
It is true that this word was incorporated by the 42nd Amendment Act in 1976. But in no way can it be suggested that secularism was not a part of our original Constitution. This is a false propaganda based on half-truths. Articles 25 to 30 bear testimony to the fact that secularism has been embedded in the original Constitution.
Yours etc.,
Sujit De,

Kudos to MPSC!

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding transformation and work done by the Meghalaya Public Service Commission (MPSC) in conducting the examinations as well as facilitating the recruitment process in the state. I firmly believe that the Meghalaya Public Service Commission plays a crucial role in selecting competent individuals to serve the state, thereby contributing to the overall progress and development of Meghalaya.
As a user and candidate of the online recruitment portal, I have been thoroughly impressed by the efficiency, convenience and effectiveness of the service. It has really helped us in various forms, though the portal is being upgraded from time to time.
With access to previous years’ question papers for different posts in the Official Website to the representation on the questions asked in the papers of a particular examination (As per Letter no: MPSC/Ex-C/49/2023-24/7 dated the Shillong 4th March,2024) this is commendable!
On behalf of all the applicants, candidates and as a resident of Meghalaya I extend our heartfelt gratitude to the entire team of the Meghalaya Public Service Commission for their dedication, innovation, unwavering support and commitment.
As a citizen, a candidate and a user, I believe that providing constructive feedback can contribute to further enhancing the portal as well as the nature of work. One important feedback is the uploading of a provisional answer key in the official website, right after the conduct of the examination. The availability of provisional answer keys can help candidates evaluate their performances and gauge their understanding of the materials. Hence they will be able to identify their strength and weakness and promote transparency in the examination by allowing the candidates to check the accuracy of their results and ensure fairness in scoring. Candidates can also learn from their mistakes and improve their knowledge and skills for future exams.
Further, In cases where candidates believe there may have been errors in the scoring of their exams, the provisional answer key serves as a reference point for initiating an appeal or review process, where candidates can compare their answers to the provisional answer keys and provide evidence to support the claims.
Overall, I am highly impressed with the quality of services provided by the Meghalaya Public Service Commission, and believe that implementing these feedback points could further elevate the effectiveness and reliability. Thank you for your attention to the past feedback(Uploading of Previous year question paper, representation on the question papers, message enabled platform, filing representation online in the recruitment portal etc.), and I look forward to continued improvements and creating a GLITCH-FREE recruitment system.
Yours etc.,
Via email

Reckless Driving of motorcyclists in the city

I am writing to draw attention to a pressing issue that has been plaguing our city for far too long: the reckless driving behaviour exhibited by motorcyclists on our roads. As a concerned citizen and a frequent commuter, I have observed an alarming trend of disregard for traffic laws and basic safety protocols among these riders.
The streets of our city have become increasingly hazardous due to the reckless actions of certain motorcyclists. These individuals exhibit a blatant disregard for their own safety and that of others by engaging in dangerous behaviour such as overtaking from the wrong side, swerving through lanes, and speeding through congested areas and zebra crossings. Their actions not only pose a threat to their own lives but also jeopardize the safety of pedestrians and other road users.
What is particularly troubling is the lack of accountability displayed by these reckless riders. Instead of owning up to their actions, they often resort to victimizing themselves when faced with the repercussions of their behaviour. This culture of impunity only serves to embolden them further, exacerbating the dangers on our roads.
Furthermore, it is disheartening to note that the efforts of our traffic police in addressing this issue have been inadequate. Despite their presence on the roads, they appear to be too lenient in enforcing traffic laws and ensuring the safety of pedestrians. There is a palpable need for more stringent measures to be put in place to curb these dangerous behaviours and protect the lives of all road users.
In light of these concerns, I urge the authorities, including the High Court, to take decisive action in collaboration with the police to address this pressing issue. It is imperative that concrete steps are taken to enforce existing traffic laws more effectively and implement measures aimed at deterring reckless driving behaviour.
The safety of our citizens should be a top priority, and it is incumbent upon us to work together to ensure that our roads are safe for everyone. I trust that by bringing attention to this issue, we can work towards creating a safer and more responsible driving culture in our city.
Yours etc.,
A concerned citizen,
Name withheld on request


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