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Raid Nongpoh celebrates annual ‘Shad Sajer’


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Nongpoh, April 6: The Raid Nonglyngdoh, situated under Elaka Nongpoh, hosted its annual Shad Sajer at the ‘Law Kyntang’ (sacred forest) near Mawjong village in Ri-Bhoi on Saturday, as a gesture of gratitude to the deity for the abundant harvest, while also seeking blessings for the forthcoming year’s yield.
Residents of Raid Nonglyngdoh, alongside numerous individuals from across the district, gathered at the venue to partake in the traditions.
The event also featured traditional dances such as Shad Mastieh, Shad Shut Wait, and Shad Dong Dong, accompanied by folk songs and performances using traditional instruments.
Historically, according to elder accounts, the Shad Sajer spanned three consecutive days during ancient times.
Raid Nonglyngdoh comprises six clans that include the Maring clan, represented as Syiemsad, the Lyngdoh clan as Lyngdoh Raid, the Lapang clan as Kongsan Lapang, the Nongkyum clan as Daloi, the Makri clan holding the position of Maji, and the Nongshli clan as Pator of Raid Nonglyngdoh.
The festival had in attendance Additional Deputy Commissioner of Ri-Bhoi Raja Brahma as the chief guest, alongside leaders of Raid Nonglyngdoh and Banbuhai Makdoh, Chairman of Synjuk ki Rangbah Shnong Ri Bhoi, among others.
It may be recalled that the Dorbar Raid Nongpoh had earlier assumed the mantle of organising the Shad Sajer Festival, which was hosted on March 30.
This pivotal annual celebration, dormant for over three decades, once again graced the landscapes of Raid Nongpoh, marking a significant cultural resurgence in the region.


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