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Ind candidate envisions state’s better devp record


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SHILLONG, April 16: The ensuing Lok Sabha elections have mighty parties and independent candidates in the fray, while everyone promising on changing things, and making their voice heard in Delhi, if elected, this time the independent candidates are vouching on their ‘independent’ stance, seeking votes.
Independent candidate, Lakhon Kma, has a vision to create new Meghalaya that does not stand second or first at the bottom of all indexes of development, and charting out his plan of action for the same, he said, he will ensure the voice of the people reaches Delhi, so that the state can receive the much-needed funding, and make its way up in all indexes of development.
Reemploying his faith in the public, he is of the opinion that the party affiliation of a candidate does not matter, when one is able to convey the message.
He added, “As long as I am able to convey my words to the public, it does not matter if the Chief Minister, Home Minister, the party president, ex-MLA, or MDC is with you. What matters is the candidate’s mission, vision motto for the state”.
On how Lok Sabha polls are different from the Assembly or district council elections, he added, “The general public should understand this is not a election for the MDC, this is not to make an executive committee in the district council, this is not about making the government in the State Assembly. This is an election to choose one person who will represent you in Delhi”.
“If you send the wrong guy who does not understand the language there will be a lot of problem because you will not be able to convey the difficulties that are being faced. We need to tell Delhi in clear-cut terms that you need to support us, otherwise we will remain like this for all times to come,” he added.
Kma, who has been campaigning in full swing said, has received good response from the public wherever he has trodden.
“I am standing with a very heavy heart that if we don’t change now, then it is already too late for us to bring overall development and raise our voice in the Parliament. And if we miss this opportunity, I think we will miss out completely on the next five years,” he added.


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