Wednesday, May 29, 2024

UDP underscores role of silent votes


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By Our Reporter

SHILLONG, April 27: The United Democratic Party (UDP), on Saturday, emphasised the significance of silent voters in determining the outcome of the Lok Sabha elections in the Shillong Parliamentary seat.
“Right now, we cannot say much as the election this time is very different. But we believe in the silent votes also and it can play an important role this time,” stated Titosstarwell Chyne, working president and leader of the Opposition in the KHADC.
He added, “The vocal crowds on the streets represent only 10-20 per cent, while 80 per cent comprise silent voters. Thus, we cannot draw conclusions solely from street demonstrations.”
Chyne further underlined that although the clamour may favour a particular party, it remains uncertain if it will translate into actual votes.
He noted a prevailing public sentiment regarding the significance of accounting for silent votes. Additionally, regarding the RDA candidate, he mentioned, “Considering our 12 MLAs and 16 MDCs, we are optimistic that our diligent efforts will resonate with our constituents, potentially yielding favorable outcomes.”
The UDP and HSPDP, operating under the Regional Democratic Alliance, have nominated former president of HYC, Robertjune Kharjahrin, as their candidate for the Shillong Parliamentary seat.


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