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Garo Hills-o ‘OneLife Farmers First’ program-ko a·bachengata


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TURA: Garo Hills-o game ge·e cha·enggipa manderangna dakchakanirangko on·na gita Garo Hills Autonomous District Council (GHADC)-ni Forest department, OneLife Agricole Private Limited company baksa nangrime ‘OneLife Farmers First’ program-ko a·bachengataha.

Ia program-ko a·bachengatanichi GHADC aro OneLife Agricole, game ge·e cha·giparangko dakchakna gita Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO)-rangko kulie on·gen, Organic Certification-na bakrimanirangko on·gen, central processing unit-rangko kuligen, gama ge·anirangko raanirango aro chimonganio dakchakanirangko on·gen, ong·telaigipa a·salrangchi gama ge·ani cholrangko skie on·gen aro tangka paisani gita dakchakanirangko on·na game ge·e cha·giparang baksa Agri Institute-rangni gisepo bakrimanirangko on·na dakchakgen ine official-rang parakataha.

OneLife Agricole Private Limited-ni Director Sakshee Sharma-ni u·iatani gitade, ia ‘OneLife Farmers First’ program-chi uamang, Garo Hills-o game ge·e cha·giparangko mangrakbatatna gita game ge·e cha·giparangni changa sapani aro dingtang dingtang cholrangko jakkalanggen.

“Ia gital chasongni gama ge·anio game ge·e cha·giparangna, gital kolrangko, u·i-ma·sianirangko aro dakchakanirangko on·anian chingni miksongani ong·enga,” ine Sharma aganaha.

Garo Hills-o game ge·e cha·enggipa manderangni namgnina ia program-ko a·bachengatahani gimin OneLife Agricole company-ko mittelpilangskaengon, ia ‘OneLife Farmers First’ program-ko a·bachengatanichi game ge·e cha·giparangni kamrangko namdapate, gama ge·e kamrango dingtanganiko ra·bana man·gen ine GHADC Executive Committee-ni Secretary SR Marak parakataha.


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