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 BJP MP Maneka Gandhi speaks on son Varun Gandhi’s political future


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Sultanpur, May 11:  Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Maneka Gandhi on Saturday spoke about her son Varun Gandhi’s political future in the backdrop of him not contesting the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, despite being a two-time parliamentarian.

Speaking to IANS, Maneka Gandhi said that Varun has a political stature and she is not concerned or worried about his future.

On her poll campaign, the eight-time MP said that she is engaging with the public via doing a door-to-door campaign and as always banking on people’s support for her re-election to the Lok Sabha.


IANS: Will Varun Gandhi join you in the poll campaign?

Maneka Gandhi: Varun is eager to contribute but I don’t want to bother him because of the weather. The campaign is going well now and if needed, we may seek his services.

IANS: Are you worried about Varun Gandhi’s political future?

Maneka Gandhi: I am not worried about Varun’s political future at all. His political stature is tall, also he has intelligence and patience. He also loves the country. Whatever he will do, he will do it right.

IANS: How many seats do you think the BJP will win in this election?

Maneka Gandhi: The party has set a target of 400 seats, we are sure of achieving the target. (Laughing), if I were an astrologer, it would have been so much fun.

IANS: Raebareli and Amethi are considered strongholds of the Gandhi family but the Congress is now only limited to one seat. How do you see this?

Maneka Gandhi: Who am I to say anything about Amethi? I don’t speak about others and keep myself limited to my work.

IANS: The opposition has been repeatedly accusing the BJP of being blank on issues and resorting to polarisation. What do you have to say?

Maneka Gandhi: We are fighting only on the issue of development in Sulatanpur, and there is no polarisation.

IANS: What are your thoughts on setting up industries here?

Maneka Gandhi: I don’t see any benefit in setting up an industrial base here. We tried it in Amehti and failed there. Instead, we are developing small industries in Jai Singh. However, I am also considering developing the Agricultural Science Center. By promoting work related to Mehndi and bamboo, we can generate huge sums of money and also create lots of employment opportunities.

IANS: How do see you this election as compared to 2019?

Maneka Gandhi: When I came here to contest the election, it was a difficult time as no one knew me. Two opposing parties were fighting together against me. This time, people know me. I have been among the people continuously. Now, law and order problems are also under control, and it is calm like Pilibhit.

IANS: What would be BJP’s winning margin this year as compared to the 2019 elections?

Maneka Gandhi: I do not believe in drawing comparisons. If the weather is good, more people will come out to vote, if not, then fewer people will come out.

IANS: The first and second phases saw a decline in polling percentage.

Maneka Gandhi: Usually, the voter turnout is between 60 to 70 per cent in every election. This election is no different. However, in some places, voting has been 48-50 per cent, mostly in cities, because people do not want to come out of their houses.

IANS: How much campaigning has been done so far?

Maneka Gandhi: I have directly interacted with people in more than 500 villages in 35 days. We are in the election arena on the issues of development and good governance.

IANS: How much progress has Sultanpur seen under your stewardship?

Maneka Gandhi: A lot of work has been done here. What remains will be completed this time. I had made a list of 60 works. Many projects are under the developmental stage including the construction and widening of roads.



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