Rymbai pleads innocence

By Our Reporter

SHILLONG: Umroi legislator Stanly Wiss Rymbai (Congress), who acted on behalf of Umsawkhwan village, pleaded innocence over the land deal and said that his role was limited to that of being a facilitator.

Denying the allegations of corruption on his part, Rymbai said that he was only helping the Durbar in facilitating the transaction of amount of Rs 8 crore out of the total amount of Rs 10 crore to be paid as land compensation.

According to Rymbai, the villagers are waiting for the remaining amount

as only Rs 8 crore out of the total Rs 10 crore was paid to them.

“My duty empowered by the power of attorney was to hand over the money to the villagers as land compensation. I heard that the money was distributed to every home of Umsawkhwan and a small contribution was also made to the church,” Rymbai said.

The legislator said that only 80 per cent of the money was paid as land compensation and hoped that the Government would clear the remaining amount.

He, however, did not react on the demand to reimburse the money.

The headman of Umsawkhwan, Handerland Nongkseh, said that the land actually belonged to the people and Rs 8 crore sanctioned by the Government was given to the people and a portion of which also went to the local church.

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