United We Stand


On June 26, I picked up a copy of the Shillong Times and was appalled to see the picture of a small child who should be playing ,running, laughing with other kids of his age, holding instead a placard saying ” Stop killing innocent people.” He stares at us with fear in one eye and hope in the other. This made me think , how much do we the ” Shillongites” actually know about the Garo Hills. I have lived in Shillong for 21 years and I am ashamed to say this but I don’t know much about a part of my own State except the times when I see the 10th and 12th toppers list and I see the names of some talented kids from Garo Hills. Shillong is a “cosmopolitan” city , the “Rock” capital , the “Scotland of the East, ” but the Garo hills? Have we failed to address the problems of Garo Hills or seen the opportunities? Have we failed to recognize the ability of the Garo youth and tap their potential ? Have we simply been selfish and cared only about ” our ” Shillong . When I use the term ” we” I don’t blame the administration alone. We includes the citizens of Shillong , the citizens of East Khasi Hills and all the other districts. The growth of Meghalaya should not be measured only by the growth of Shillong because Shillong does not represent Meghalaya . Today , the growth of Meghalaya requires that all the districts and the people of the Khasi, the Jaintia and Garo Hills and all the other citizens who believe in the State work towards its upliftment. And for this it is vital that we grow ” with ” the Garo hills and not grow ” in spite ” of Garo Hills . My heart goes out to all those suffering in the Garo Hills. Let us “Meghalayans pray for the peace and happiness of the people in Garo Hills.

Yours etc.,

Prantoo Saikia,

Via email

 In the eyes of law all are equal


I strongly agree with the letter by Damien .C. Wankhar (ST 26.6.13), which pointed to the use of tinted glasses in vehicles used by VIP’s. It is indeed unpleasant thing to see VIP’s moving around in their high class vehicles with tinted glasses on, whereas the common people are banned from keeping tints on their vehicles. This is absolute partiality. If this rule(banning of tinted glasses on vehicles),can be applied to the public or common man in a large numbers, there is no reason why it cannot be applied to the vehicles of VIP’s. Why should only VIP’s need extra safety and protection, and enjoy the pleasure of being highly secured while the lives of the public in common cars is dispensable and endangered? Moreover no improvement is seen so far, even after the restriction on the use of tinted glasses? Instead criminal cases are reported everyday so it’s irrational to say that crime is on the rise because of vehicles with tinted glasses? It is sad to see that in a democratic country some people are more equal than the others, although they are to serve the common man. Everyone deserves to be treated equally.

Yours etc.;

Mewan.P Pariat,


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