l Police radio station bombed l Petrol pump attacked l SWAT commando injured in ambush

GNLA retaliates through three-pronged attack


Arms, ammo and other items seized from GNLA general camp in Durama Hills on Tuesday. (ST)


TURA: In one of the most daring and audacious attacks by the banned GNLA, militants attacked and destroyed a police radio communication centre, opened automatic fire at a petrol station on the outskirts of Tura critically injuring two employees and ambushed a police team in South Garo Hills injuring a commando, all on Wednesday.

The coordinated attacks are believed to be in retaliation for the police raid on the GNLA general headquarters in Adugre area of Durama Hills on Tuesday afternoon in which weapons and ammunition along with explosives were seized.

The first attack by the banned militant group was targeted at Tisha Auto Agency petrol station in Chasingre on the outskirts of Tura.

Four militants brandishing AK rifles walked up to the gas station in broad daylight and rounded up the employees at around 8:30 am while the service station was in full operation providing fuel to civilian vehicles. Another three armed men reportedly kept guard on the main road.

After rounding up the employees the militants opened fire injuring pump operators Nobu Hajong of Garobadha and Bishu Roy of Guwahati.

The same group of militants fled towards the foothills of Tura peak and on their way attacked a relay station of the Meghalaya Police Radio Organization located at Darichekgre.

While the two police radio operators managed to escape, the militants exploded two bombs inside the relay station destroying the equipment.

High powered communication equipment worth several lakhs of rupees are believed to have been extensively damaged.

The communication centre at Darichekgre, which is also known as a repeaters’ station, relays transmission between Shillong and Tura and plays a vital role in providing communication during counter-insurgency operations in the region.

Even as the attacks were taking place in the Tura region of West Garo Hills, another group of GNLA militants attacked two coal trucks transporting police SWAT commandos for operation in the Nangalbibra region of South Garo Hills District.

Swat commandos heading for an undisclosed location were fired upon by GNLA militants perched atop hill tops at Pattargittim area, 5 km from Nangalbibra, at around 11 am.

In the attack a police commando sustained bullet injuries on his leg and was rushed to Williamnagar town for medical treatment. The injured commando was later airlifted to Shillong by a special helicopter for surgery.

South Garo Hills police chief Davis Nestell R Marak informed that the injured constable was out of danger and counter-insurgency operations were continuing against the militants.

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