Modi wants $20 trillion economy for India

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday called for making India a $20 trillion economy, while stressing laws must evolve with time and his government had taken several initiatives towards ‘transforming India’.
Addressing the Economic Times Global Business Summit here, Modi said that small acts can drive reforms and there was no contradiction between doing big-ticket items and small things.
He laid emphasis on cohesiveness of society and said there was need to cut leakage of subsidies and not the subsidies themselves.
Indicating launching a national programme for computerisation of public distribution system, he also said that steps were being taken for uninterrupted power supply to all consumers throughout the year.
Stressing elimination of poverty was fundamental to him, he said: “This is at the core of my understanding of cohesive growth.”
Narrating his concept of economic good governance, he said the government must nurture an eco-system where the economy is primed for growth.
“India is a $2 trillion economy today. Can we not dream of an India with a $20 trillion economy?” he asked, adding his government was preparing the ground for it.
“This is hard work. Quick and easy reforms will not be enough for creating a fast growing economy. That is our challenge and that is what we aim to do,” the prime minister said. (IANS)

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