Travolta’s ‘awkward’ run-ins with Scarlett, Idina at Oscars

Actor John Travolta avoided any Os     cars flubs this time but still managed     to be an internet sensation by catching actress Scarlett Johansson unaware by kissing her and later caressing Idina Menzel’s face on the stage during the ceremony.
Travolta, 61, made news at last year’s Oscars when he called Menzel as Adele Dazeem while announcing her as the winner for the best song for Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’.
This time, the duo arrived on stage to present the Oscar for best song. While Menzel took a jibe at his previous goof-up by introducing him as Glom Gazingo, Travolta, while endearingly holding her chin said to her, “My daring, my beautiful, my wickedly talented Idina Menzel,” leaving the singer embarrassed.
Earlier on the red carpet, as Johansson posed for the cameras, Travolta leaned in from behind, planted a kiss on her cheek and slid his hand around her waist.
The actor’s ‘A Love Song for Bobby Long’ co-star did not react but her stiff posture made her discomfort evident to the cameras. Travolta’s behaviour evoked criticism from many online users, who called his antics ‘creepy’.
“I think John Travolta is definitely going to win one of these years for Best Inadvertent Performance Artist,” one Twitterati said.
“Why is John Travolta playing a Tim Burton villain tonight?” another tweeted. “There is no escaping John Travolta. He will get you,” said one. “Stay weird. Unless you are John Travolta, in which case please be less weird,” one user said while referencing writer Graham Moore’s acceptance speech. (PTI)

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