Rangbah Shnongs call 12-hr Ri-Bhoi bandh on May 19

Do not compel Rangbah Shnong to join chorus with HNLC: HYC

NONGPOH: Embittered by the inordinate delay in enactment of the KHADC Village Administration Bill, the Dorbar Ki Rangbah Shnong (DKRS) Ri-Bhoi District on Wednesday announced a 12-hour bandh on May 19 in the entire district from 6 am to 6 pm.
The decision was adopted unanimously in a meeting held at the Umbuda Playground near Nongpoh on Wednesday afternoon after the end of the one-month deadline issued by the Dorbar Ki Rangbah Shnong during their Black Flag Rally held last month and another deadline served last week after their meeting with KHADC CEM Adelbert Nongrum demanding issue of an Executive Order empowering the Rangbah Shnong in view of the delay in passage of the Village Administration Bill.
Addressing the gathering of Rangbah Shnong, HYC leader Robert Kharjarin slammed the State government for meddling into the affairs of the Rangbah Shnong and termed the Ordinance passed by the Meghalaya Cabinet on Monday as an attempt to trample the authority of the autonomous district council.
Mentioning that the HNLC has been demanding independence or autonomy from India, Kharjarin warned that it will be detrimental if the Rangbah Shnong are pushed to the wall and join chorus with the HNLC.
Dorbar Ki Rangbah Shnong Ri Jaintia vice chairman Erwin Sutnga slammed the State government for passing the Ordinance as it overrides the jurisdiction of the autonomous district council.
He also urged the KHADC to pass an Executive Order to empower the Rangbah Shnong pending the assent of the Village Administration Bill to overcome the hurdles created by the High Court of Meghalaya ruling clipping the powers of the Rangbah Shnong.
The Hynniewtrep Youth Council and the Hynniewtrep People Federation, Ri Bhoi, have extended support to the 12-hour bandh called by the Dorbar Ki Rangbah Shnong.

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