KHADC chief bats for ‘people’s platform’

Syiem skips direct question on formation of new political party

SHILLONG: KHADC CEM P.N. Syiem has called for formation of a ‘people’s platform’ to allow people from all walks of life including intellectuals to air their varied views which according to him can be translated into a political agenda.
“I am unhappy with the present situation where everything is in disorder whether it is cleanliness of Shillong, its environment, air or water,” Syiem told The Shillong Times on Sunday.
According to the Congress legislator from Mawsynram, a new and transformed Meghalaya is the need of the hour.
Without commenting on the issue of dissidence in the State Congress, the KHADC CEM said, “My priority now is to explore ways and means of forming a peoples’ forum where people can freely express their views on how to improve the city and the State which will be translated into a political agenda to be carried forward”.
Asked whether he was talking about forming a new political party, the CEM said, “It does not matter whether it is the same party or a new party, but what matters is the gathering of likeminded people to explore the possibility of forming a vision for the overall development of Meghalaya which can be translated into a political agenda in the long run.
“There is overall breakdown of civic amenities in the city coupled with bad roads and people bask only in the past glory of Shillong being an educational hub. There are other concerns over water and air pollution and the ecology is devastated. We are not good law makers. We need a different kind of politics. There is a need for new thoughts and better policies to be suggested by people with sound background as we are fed up with the old system,” Syiem said.
According to Syiem, there is also a need to have a think tank and experts in major fields with every political party and government to reduce the dependency on bureaucrats as the government is very often at the mercy of bureaucrats.
“Look at other states which are making tremendous progress whereas we are regressing,” he said.
A disillusioned KHADC chief further said people should freely discuss important issues concerning the State.
“Unless there is discussion, we cannot create a clear cut political agenda, a new vision to achieve a transformed Meghalaya. Hence we need to create a platform and let people come forward and express good ideas,” the KHADC chief added.

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