Growing Migration in Nongpoh

Migration, which is a worldwide issue from time immemorial, is commonly understood as the mobility of individual, group or community from one place to another place.
A number of development issues has emerged in the literature on migration, most notably relationship between migration and urbanisation, industrial growth, agriculture, family structure, gender roles and ideology, among others. One of the characteristics of migration is its relationship with development (Robbin, 1996A).
Migration has been perceived as an important component of social and economic change. Like in Nongpoh town, where population boom and diverse patterns of growth reveal the direct impact of migration on population size.
Nongpoh town being one of the areas which are considered as the main economy place has recorded a growing concentration of migrants. The predominant reason for migration seems to be economic in this place.
Nongpoh town development is a multifaceted phenomenon with multiplier linkage and ramification. However, we have seen the fluctuating trends in these recent years.
Migration is a two-way process. It is a cause of development as well as cause for development (Simmon, 1984). Infrastructure and better services have lead to migration trends of different people coming and residing in Nongpoh town.
Nongpoh town acts as the major economic base and provide diverse employment opportunities. The employment potential has promoted the development of the town. This has resulted in the concentration of social, economic and commercial activities in the town. Consequently it is attracting vast population from rural areas, with the availability of jobs, transport, educational and several other amenities and facilities.
Intra district, inter district and interstate migration are taking place in the town. Mounting number of construction of new buildings, expansion of commercial and residential land, more roads connecting villages, good educational and healthcare infrastructure are among the major rationales which have acted as motivating factors for migration in the area.
Hence the main reason for migration is rooted in the social, economic and political opportunities.
The phenomenon of migration occurs due to variety of reasons. Giving the continual increasing of migration from different parts of the country, it is having a potent effect on the native society, its people and the environment that requires detailed investigation into who are coming to this place and what is the impact of these settlements on the native society.

(A study by Dr Sandeep Gupta,
Assistance Professor, and Phiralin Amy Marsing. PhD Research Scholar at University of Science and
Technology in Meghalaya)

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