Shillong traffic police join hands with NGO to raise awareness on use of zebra crossings


SHILLONG: The Traffic Branch of East Khasi Hills is seen in a new avataar of educating the pedestrian and the motorist about the use of the Zebra Crossing. During the last few weeks traffic police personnel assisted by students’ groups drawn from various institutions and led by Shamakami NGO were seen all over the city trying to sensitise the public on the importance of the zebra crossing.

This was not only confined to the general public only but also the student communities of different schools and colleges and their parents were sensitised too. Leaflets containing the Dos and Don’ts for the pedestrian and motorist were also distributed. This was the outcome of the order passed by S R Sen, Chief justice of the High Court of Meghalaya based on a PIL filed wherein the PWD were asked to put zebra crossings in the areas identified and the Police Department to create an awareness.

With a view to see that the message reaches to all common people, the traffic police department wrote to Doordarshan, All India Radio, Red FM and DIPR to spread the message through their network. To see that this message also is followed by the police personnel all the OCs and ICs of Police Stations, Beat Houses, Outposts and the Police Reserve have been directed to sensitize all personnel working under their control. To spread this awareness more in the other line Department of Police, the matter has been taken up with the Police Head quarter to pass necessary instructions.

D N R Marak, IPS, Superintendent of Police, East Khasi Hills, Shillong requested all to make use of the zebra crossing which is a new concept in our State and this will go a long way in reducing the fatal accidents on the roads of shillong while crossing roads. The motorist needs to also understand the rights of the pedestrian and should assist the pedestrian while they are crossing roads by slowing their vehicles.

He also thanked the Social Works department students from Martin Luther Christian University, St Edmunds College, Indian Institute of Professional Studies, Women’s College, RHAM led by Rebina Subba and Samanda Phanwar from Shamakami NGO and all Traffic police personnel led from the front by B J Laloo, MPS, Superintendent of Police (Traffic), East Khasi Hills, Shillong who made this awareness programme very meaningful and effective.




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