Congress to look at consensus on Rahul as PM candidate

SHILLONG: The Congress party is unlikely to project its president Rahul Gandhi as the prime ministerial candidate ahead of the 2019 polls as it wanted consensus from the Opposition parties.
AICC leader Luizinho Faleiro during his Shillong visit said it was a matter of arriving at a consensus “and all parties should come on board”.
He was answering a question on whether the Congress president will be projected as the prime ministerial candidate.
The BJP-led NDA will be seeking the mandate of the people for second term under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
According to the AICC leader, in the interest of the people of the country and to safeguard the future of youths, people should throw out the NDA at the Centre and bring a new government.
There is resurgence among the Opposition parties due to certain policies of the BJP-led NDA government affecting the people.
The fuel price hike has given the Congress and other non-BJP parties a strong agenda to be used during the 2019 polls.
The Congress has less than 50 MPs and it is aiming at increasing its tally to at least 100 in 2019, while the party is also hoping that the Opposition parties will fare better compared to the last Lok Sabha polls.

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