Keeping fit not difficult

To workout or not to work out — you must be thinking how to proceed when you have already made a pledge to yourself to keep healthy.
First of all it should not even be a question. It’s an obvious choice for the various health and mental benefits which are attached to it. In today’s sedentary lifestyle, unwanted stress, use of pesticides and adulteration in various food and drinks make it imperative to work out as it is the best solution to overcome most illnesses.
Workout has major cardiovascular benefits which keep our heart healthy and it’s one of the biggest stress busters because when we exercise our body releases Endorphins, or happy hormone. It keeps us positive and it’s also proven to be one of the best ways to fight depression.
Working out is the best way to lose weight. It also increases energy level. It has been scientifically proven that people who stay fit are more productive than those who don’t. It gives you better skin and hair too. Working out is essential for your brain health as it reduces your chances of various illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease and brain strokes. Also one of the most important reasons to workout is to fight cardiovascular diseases. It helps maintain good cholesterol levels, and also reduces the chance of a wide range of health problems including stroke, type-2 diabetes, types of cancer, arthritis, etc. It strengthens your lungs, reduces blood sugar levels and regulates blood pressure.
There is a famous quote that says, “If you think health is expensive, try illness”. It is proven that a healthy person who works out will spend only a fraction of his /her money on gyms, trainers, diet, then on doctors and hospitals alone, besides the mental trauma that comes along (the choice is yours).
Gyms are also great places to socialise and make new friends and open up new avenues for your business or work as you meet like-minded people. It also has benefits as it reduces the urge to drink alcohol, chew tobacco and smoke.
Now let’s come back to the other part of our lives. working out improves your testosterone levels, a healthy person with optimal testosterone levels will easily combat depression, have better muscle mass, better sexual activity, improved libido, improved mood and wellbeing and it helps men with erectile dysfunction.
It is also beneficial for people suffering from thyroid as it keeps it in check, regular exercising helps reduce high levels of uric acid. That is why it is essential to include exercising in your daily lives. It cannot be an option but a routine just like eating, sleeping or watching TV.
You have to dedicate an hour of your day 4-5 times a week to stay fit and healthy and it is not just walking or jogging alone as your body needs to maintain good muscle mass, cardiovascular and core strength all together so you must incorporate even lifting weights, cardio exercises, Yoga, Zumba, Aerobics, Circuit Training, kick boxing in your daily routine and it’s advisable for all ages from the young to the elderly as age is just a number, it’s all in the mind.
One can also run or walk briskly every morning and breath in the fresh air. That is the best way to shed that extra flab.
But if you want a regimented workout timing, then make sure the gym has facilities, dieticians and trainers. When you are starting you need proper guidance as like everything else you need to learn initially. Do not see what others are doing and try to mimic them.
This New Year 2019 make a difference to your life and you will see how it changes you as an individual and makes you a positive person. So start now and at the end of the year ask yourself the question that matters,” Was it worth it?”
(The article has been contributed)
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