BGB not yet ready for retreat ceremony at Dawki border point

SHILLONG: The joint retreat ceremony of the Border Security Force (BSF) and the Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) at Dawki will be delayed further as the neighbouring country is not yet prepared for holding the ceremony.

A BSF official said that there was no progress in the plan as Bangladesh was not ready for the ceremony since they didn’t have good communication system on their side.

According to officials, there are problems even from Indian side as there is no space for visitors to sit and BSF needs some land for constructing  viewers’ gallery since large number of people will  be visiting the BOP to witness the  drill as and when it takes place.

It was also informed that  even now, BSF on its side is hoisting the flag everyday  but the BSF needs land for constructing  the viewers’ gallery  and other infrastructure that will be required to hold a proper retreat ceremony.

It may be mentioned that Dawki is already one of the favourite tourist destinations in Meghalaya.  The place has a border check point and it is used by many tourists to cross over to India as well as Bangladesh.

Apart from the retreat ceremony, BSF is also coming up with other infrastructure for tourists such as a cafeteria, places to sit. The border sentinel force will also exhibit its weaponry and screen movies on the force for tourists. On the other hand, the BSF also has drawn up plans to develop tourist related infrastructures in Kilapara outpost in Dalu.

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