Rapido bike taxi service gets on roll in Shillong

SHILLONG: Traffic jam is probably one of the biggest challenges which every Shillongite has to face almost every day on the narrow roads of the capital city,  but now Rapido , an online bike taxi aggregator company has started its services in Shillong for the commuters to beat traffic and reach their destination in a two-wheeler.

Subhankar Banerjee, Public Relations Consultant (Rapido Bikes) while talking to The Shillong Times said that the services had been launched in on a pilot project basis with around  40-45  riders (captains) and the services would be officially launched in the next  15-20  days in Shillong.

Stating that a lot of people in Shillong are downloading the app, he also added that the company was keen to work on the concept of bringing even female riders as well since Shillong is women-centric market

He said the company also have the concept of part time riders who can ride the two wheelers in their spare time

Admitting that the demands increased much faster in Guwahati than Shillong, he said that the company is giving first preference for employment opportunities to the local riders from Shillong

According to Banerjee, there is no timelimit for any rider to use the services and even if a commuter needs the service at  11 pm at night, a captain would be available for the commuter

On being asked about the security of the  commuters who will use the services, he said that the after the registration of the captains, their license and other documents are being sent to local Police Station for verification

It may be mentioned that over the last few years, Shillong have also emerged as a happy market for the two wheeler companies  as many people in Shillong are now resorting to two-wheelers to beat the ever increasing traffic of Shillong.

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