SMB issues notice to Harijan Colony residents in Shillong

SHILLONG: The Shillong Municipal Board (SMB) on Friday pasted notices in and as many as 300 households in Harijan colony in Shillong.

As per the notice, the settlers there are to give all information about their antecedents and background to the Board within a month’s time. Chief Executive Officer (CEO),

SHILLONG: The Shillong Municipal Board(SMB) on Friday issued and pasted notice in more than 300 dwelling units in Harijan colony in Shillong.

The Board pasted the notice after the high-level committee (HLC) which has been constituted to find out a permanent solution to the issue of relocating residents of Punjabi Lane (Them Iew Mawlong), last month had asked the Shillong Municipal Board (SMB) to conduct an inventorization in the area once again in the form of public notice

 SMB CEO, B. S. Sohliya on Friday said that there was no obstruction from anywhere even as he added that the notices were pasted in the units in the presence of magistrates and police contingent.

As per the notice, the settlers in the colony have been asked to furnish their information before the Board from June 3 to July 3 with regards to their possession of either piece of land, building in the colony and the period of their occupation.

As per the Government, the object of collecting information as to the number of persons residing in the colony and also their duration of occupation or stay in the colony is to prepare both long term and short term policies for resolving long and pending issue pertaining to the colony.

The HLC has asked the settlers of the area to submit their papers and other documents before the Shillong Municipal Board within a month’s time through the CEO of the board.  

Last year, similar inventory was conducted but most of the settlers in the areas did not cooperated and their details could not be ascertained

 It may be mentioned that the job of the HLC shall examine all relevant records and documents relating to the relocation of residents of the Sweeper Colony, Sweeper Lane, Mawlong Haat. The committee shall also recommend practically feasible solution(s) for relocation of the said sweeper colony residents

B Sohliya said that the notices were issued as per the direction of the High Level Committee.

 Sohliya informed that there was no obstruction from the settlers and everything went on smoothly.

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