Here’s what scares It clown, Bill Skarsgard

Bill Skarsgard has terrified audiences with his role as the tormenting clown Pennywise in the two It films but what scares the actor is the 2016 film The Wailing!
“Very particular, very strange, and very scary,” Entertainment Weekly quoted the Swedish actor as defining the film.
Even with its scary nature, the film has Skarsgard’s obsession as he added, “A movie that has become a slight obsession of mine lately.”
The Wailing is directed by Na Hong-jin and is about a series of apparently unconnected killings in a Korean town.
“I recommend everybody to give it a watch if you’re into these kinds of weird, abstract horror films,” he added.
The actor even asserted that film is “hard to forget.”
His latest release It: Chapter Two is directed by Andy Muschietti and picks up after 27 years after the events of the first instalment It. (ANI)

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