Metbah Lyngdoh new UDP president

SHILLONG: United Democratic Party (UDP) has unanimously chosen Metbah Lyngdoh as the new president of the party. His name was nominated by the nomination committee headed by Moonlight Pariat and approved at the general council of the UDP.

The general council was held at the official residence of late UDP president, Donkupar Roy on Wednesday.

Speaking to reporters, he said, “I accept with all humility and look forward to see that the party is growing in the coming days. I look forward for support from all the leaders of the party to achieve the goal in the same direction. We have to ensure we get more numbers in terms of elected members be it in the Assembly or the District Councils.”

Late Roy envisioned the strengthening of the party and unification of regional forces to which Lyngdoh said that he would follow up on the vision left unfulfilled by Roy’s sudden demise in the month of July.

“The late president has brought about this idea of unification of the regional forces and we feel whatever way he had paved for us, we will build up on that and strengthen it,” Lyngdoh said.

Earlier, while speaking at the general council meeting, Lyngdoh said that the members of the party should stay away from politicizing the party matters but to work in unity.

Lyngdoh has become the third president of the largest regional party in the state which was formerly led by late E.K. Mawlong and then by late Donkupar Roy.

He was elected from amongst other aspiring presidential candidates which include Paul Lyngdoh, Bindo Lanong and Jemino Mawthoh.

The working presidents are:  Paul Lyngdoh (Shillong city), Titos Chyne (East Khasi Hills), Moonlight Pariat and Lahkmen Rymbui (West Jaintia Hills), Donbok Khymdeit (Ri-Bhoi), LC Momin (North Garo Hills). Jemino Mawthoh has retained the position of general secretary.

On the same day, the general council of UDP also approved the name of

Balaajiedkupar Synrem as the candidate for the bye-election to Shella constituency.

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