Non-metro mothers happier than those in metros, says study

Guwahati: Mothers in non-metro cities are much happier than those in metro cities, while 48 per cent of mothers across India are happy with their current state of life.
Mothers in non-metro cities rate themselves higher at being good mothers, have happier marriages and have more supportive families.
On the other hand, moms in metros are much more stressed than moms in non-metro cities.
These findings were revealed in the second edition of Moms Happiness Index survey, conducted by, a leading user-generated content platform of the country that allows women to express themselves through different formats including text, audio, and video across ten languages.
Having uncovered the various factors contributing to or taking away from the overall happiness of urban mothers through the first edition, has now expanded its scope to cover moms in non-metros.
As per the survey, the top factors driving the happiness of moms across the country are – How good a mom am I? How supportive is my husband? How much time do I have for myself? How financially empowered am I? How supportive are my in-laws?
According to the findings, the rating of moms by themselves, their husbands and children is higher for non-metro moms as compared to metro moms.
It was found that 69% of non-metro moms are happy with their marriage as against 56% of metro moms.
When it comes to their larger support system, non-metro moms get more help from in-laws for household chores as compared to moms living in metros.
As indicated by the survey, 80 per cent of the surveyed moms expressed their desire to be financially independent to become a good role model for their children.
The key stressors for Indian moms determined by Moms Happiness Index 2019 included child’s safety, usage of internet and gadgets, food habits, discipline, and studies. (UNI)

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