DASTBI MMA organises women self-defense camp in Guwahati

VERSUS season 3 to be held on 29th of September.

SHILLONG: DASTBI MMA organised a self-defense workshop in Girls Polytechnic Guwahati where around 150 girls attended the workshop. The self-defense workshop was  carried out by Coach Angkim Kashyap Sharma and Indrani along with students Sajid Haque and Abhijit Gogoi.

DASTBI MMA is an organisation which organises self-defense camps to train the women of the society the art of defense. They train KABOSI, Kyokushin Karate, Animal flow, MMA, Kick Boxing, and many other martial arts forms. KABOSI is a self-protection system and which focuses on real-life situation. Angkim is the first and only coach of KABOSI (Australian Art) in Northeast. DASTBI MMA has organised more than 30 workshops in many places across Northeast.

Indrani, co-founder of DASTBI MMA on the occasion said, “Self defense is an essential part of our life. The crime rates are increasing in every single minute. Girls are getting raped, murdered, molested everyday and everywhere so it is important for everyone to learn the art of self-defense”.

On the occasion, DASTBI MMA has also announced the season 3 of VERSUS. It is a combat platform where all fighters, irrespective of any age, caste, and gender can take part. The first and second VERSUS championship’s participants were within Northeast, this time a team from Bangladesh will be coming to take part. The event will take place at Sarusajai Stadium on 29th of September.

Coach Angkim, co-founder of VERSUS championship said “No talent should go in vain due to lack of opportunity. We are trying to give the best infrastructure and training. We are expecting around 80 fighters and 40 bout this time, we are also planning to put VERSUS in a greater platform from where all the unexplored talent across the northeast will rise and shine worldwide. In this VERSUS championship season 3, there will be a title belt championship fight which will be the prime attraction of the event”.

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