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Many pseudo-secularists or leftists not concerned with religion, in other words atheists speak unabashedly against the indigenous belief systems calling them animists, pagan, aborigines, illiterate without religion etc. They write incoherently only with the purpose of creating divide amongst various communities when actually Muslims, Hindus, Christians are one and they believe in the Almighty by different names. One such advocate has been Albert Thyrniang whose article, “Sinister motives at work in Meghalaya,” appeared in your paper Nov 5, 2019. It is therefore my duty as an adherent of the mother of all religions in India to abut his misconceptions. Actually there is no word like Hindu which implies adherence to words like Hindutva, Hinduism, etc. These words are imported from beyond the boundaries of this sacred land which is now known as India.

Undivided India was known as Aryavarta and people living on this land were known as Aryans – literally meaning civilised people as civilisation was known in this land. Later this country was renamed as Bharat after the valorous King Bharat the son of King Dushayant and Sakuntala. It was only when Alexander of Macedonia embarked on an expedition of world domination and reached the Hindu Kush mountains i.e. the borders of our country after defeating the Persians, the Middle East and large areas of Asia that they changed the name Bharat. The Greeks could not pronounce Sindhu (Indus) and called it Hindu meaning people living on the other side of the river Indus / river Sindhu. It was the various marauding and uncivilised hoards who raided this country who took a leave from where the Greeks left and called this country Hindustan and much later the British abrogated it and named it as India.

The introduction of Christianity and Islam in this country is between 1600- 1700 years and 1050 years respectively. The various religions / faith born here are not in the business of conversion be it the various forms of Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism and other concepts which had originated in this land. They are broad minded in accepting any one believing in an Almighty God as he/she desires. In short these are not regimented as they believe that God or Almighty is a personal matter and requires no interference from any quarters. They believe in the age old tradition of worship, have similar cultures, traditions, rituals and living habits. They have respect for all and all forms of beliefs, worship and rituals. They do not believe in looking down at others or to call them animists or pagans or kafirs. They did not believe that they are superior and others are inferior which is an ego emanating from the sense of superiority of religions brought from across the border. If not, why do they adopt force, allurement, bribe, synthetic lure of faith healing, etc or coerce by creating fear, superstition, jihad or crusade. As a matter of fact such matters can only be termed as being against the wishes of the Almighty in whose name they carry out this sin by indulging in falsehoods and divisive methods.

They have to accept that neither Christianity nor Islam was born on this land and therefore they are foreign. However early they may have come here they are not of Indian origin whatsoever. Let us state the instance of Meghalaya. Was  the agitation for statehood not under the Seng Khasi flag – red flag with a white circle and a cock which became the rallying point for this agitation and through which a separate state was carved out of Assam, called Meghalaya? Please tell us where is the Seng Khasi now? Cross your heart and analyze what is written dispassionately about the exclusive concepts of Islam and Christianity which do not accept any other beliefs and want to destroy them. Therefore the Seng Khasi has been pushed to the background.

If a Khasi, Jaintia or Garo embraces any form of Hinduism, Christianity or Islam or any other faith and later wishes to come back to his/her original religion, is it wrong? This is ghar wapsi and nothing is wrong in accepting help to return to one’s indigenous faith leaving behind what the missionaries taught, be it from any denomination.

Another aspect which requires addressing is that Hinduism or Hindus are by nature and religion democratic. There is no fascism in Hinduism. “Sarva Dharma Sambhav,” means all beliefs are acceptable. “Vasudeva Kutumbakam” means, “we are all children of One God.” We are the noble pastorates of only indigenous religions and certainly not of imported religions which propound exclusiveness. They preach a concept that their religion is the only way to God and all other roads lead to hell. The indigenous faith believes that all roads lead to one Almighty then why coerce the ignorant with sops to embrace a particular form of worship? They will evolve by themselves but this will not be done as this is flavoured with intrinsic fear of hell by imported religions. They want world domination. Is it possible? Let us get our records right before indulging in a tirade against humanity in the name of adherence. Nothing synthetic can last forever. Let us be truthful to each other and have respect for all concepts and faith and not criticize those who are different from what we believe.

 Yours etc.,

Bhagwati Prasad Goenka,

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Maharashtra drama


The Maharashtra  high voltage drama  has for the time being come to an end . The allied triumvirate of Shiv-Sena, NCP and Congress is finally at the helm of the state. The political thriller had the public and the media on edge all these days with numerous spine chilling scenes and a heavy dose of suspense, excitement and melodrama and above all a big cast of leaders whose enactment made each day ,right from the day of the election results  to the oath taking ceremony, bubbling with anticipation. In this unforgettable drama the one who has overshadowed all the rest is definitely Sharad Pawar, whose astute political  power play based on years of experience and sharp wit has once again proved what a powerful politician he is. It seems as if the “Chanakyas”  of the BJP -the Modi-Shah duo – has been eclipsed (for now) by the Maratha power politician whose brilliant and wily  moves bore fruit for the birth of a triumvirate  – completely different in ideologies but united  for  achieving power. The SS is now on a piggy back ride and any mistake or faulty move from their side can result in a topple which once again will  give ample chance for the NCP  to play things according to their way and carve a niche in  the national political arena, thanks to the lackadaisical attitude of the Congress party. The drama is not going to end here as  the BJP  though at present seems to have moved out of the scene ,is sure to return with double force and that too with all sorts of political craftiness and calculation. Until then let us hope that the newly formed government comes out with people friendly deeds and works hard for the common man.

Yours etc.,

M Pradyu,


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