Council Dy Chairman deny signature manipulation charge

Says will offer proof if required

TURA: GHADC Deputy Chairman Metrinson G Momin who has been accused of manipulating signatures of Council MDCs in a signature campaign moved by opposition MDCs with an aim to oust Council Chairman Denang T Sangma, has denied any wrong doing and claimed that he did everything as per the rules of the District Council.

Earlier, Metrinson had submitted the names and signatures of several MDCs who were in favour of removing Chairman Denang T Sangma, to the West Garo Hills Deputy Commissioner to be forwarded to the Governor for a decision on the matter. However, soon after the list of signatures were submitted, three MDCs- Dormonath Ch Sangma of Naguapara, Smith M Momin of Kharkutta and Deviar M Sangma of Baghmara denied signing the list and claimed that the signatures were old and obtained for other purposes.

Speaking to this reporter on Friday, Metrinson denied the manipulation charge against him and instead blamed the MDCs for making a U turn.

“The MDCs were not happy with the style of functioning of the Chairman. They approached me and as there was a law to remove the Chairman if ¼ of the MDCs were in favour, I took their signatures and submitted the list to the DC. I was there when they signed the list and I have all the proof in my office,” Metrinson said.

He added that incidents of MDCs frequently changing sides were happening due to the absence of any anti defection law in the Council.

“This is what has happened in the latest incident. They did sign the list but apparently after some ruling MDCs approached them, they changed sides again as there was no anti defection law,” Metrinson claimed.

Reacting to former Deputy Chief Executive Member (Dy CEM), Augustine Marak’s statements against him that ‘he was going out of rule’, Metrinson said that a person of his reputation has no right to speak to him about rules.

“He has been accused of siphoning off a huge amount of Council funds. So who has gone out of rule? Who is he to question me? And how dare he accuse me of falsifying the signatures!” Momin retorted.

Metrinson also alleged that Chairman Denang T Sangma was not functioning on his own and that it was Augustine who was influencing him to adopt delaying tactics with regard to the functioning of the EC.

Meanwhile, stating that incidents of MDCs frequently changing sides was not good for the image of the Council as well as to the eyes of the general public, Metrinson warned of action against such MDCs in the future.

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