Govt urged to review jurisdiction of medical college site  

TURA: The Association for Democracy and Empowerment (ADE) has urged the state government to review the actual jurisdiction the proposed site for the construction of the Tura Medical College comes under and to ensure that compensation payment is made to the actual beneficiaries.

In its memorandum to Chief Minister Conrad Sangma, President of the Association Dalseng Bira Ch Momin informed that the proposed site for the construction of the Tura Medical College comes under the jurisdiction of Darechikgre Bolwari Mahari and not the Doldigre A’king Nokma as is believed.

“The site for the construction of the college comes under the jurisdiction of Darechikgre Bolwari Mahari. This part of the land was gifted to them by Lt. Gonan Marak, Nokma of Darenggre in return of the support Darechikgre Bolwari Mahari have provided in the form of financial assistance during the various legal battles that he was facing during his tenure. The Bolwari Mahari’s  decendents started living at the given lands from 1920. This land near Matchi Nokkap area is still known as Bolwariggre A’song,” Momin said.

Momin informed that concerned authorities involved in the construction of the college, without proper verification and inspection about the true ownership of the proposed land sealed the deal with Doldigre A’king Nokma thus, depriving any benefits to the true owners of the land.

“Recently, construction of the college and a market at Doldegre started without any information, acquisition of the land or initiating the legal formalities as required under the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013,” Momin claimed.

According to Momin, police along with members of ADE on January 4, had to rush to the construction site to stop a clash between construction workers and the residents, who objected to the encroachment on their land.

The Bolwari Mahari also reportedly approached the West Garo Hills Deputy Commissioner to intervene on the matter but there was no positive response from his side.

“The residents have said that they do not want to oppose the construction. They just want their fair share from the Government and there should be a transparent communication between the parties involved in the whole affair without neglecting anyone,” Momin said, while adding that they too welcomed the development but would not hesitate to agitate if the concerns of the people are not addressed.

Meanwhile, Momin claimed that the Doldigre Nokma has been selling off large plots of land belonging to the Darechikgre Bolwary Mahari for cheap prices by taking advantage of the financial weakness and illiteracy of the clan, and condemned the act.

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