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Shillong lawyers resent shifting of courts


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The Shiliong Bar Association has decided to, boycott the courts under the Disrtict Magistrate of East Khasi Hills for two days as a mark of their protest against the shifting of the DC’s court to Laitumkhrah.

Disclosing this to newsmen here on July 12, the President of the Association, Mr. L. Marbaniang criticised the decision to shift the court to a location situated some seven kms from the Bar Library. The decision, he said, would adversely effect the lawyers as well as the litigants. “Nowhere courts located in such a widely scattered manner”, he asserted.

Mr Marbaniang explained that under the new dispensation the lawyers would have to keep on shuttling between Laitumkhrah and the Kachhari area since five important courts – including the District Sessions Judge, CJM’s court, Munsiff’s court etc. were retained in existing premises. This was not only an expensive proposition but also an impractical one, he said,

The Executive Magistrates, who are normally occupied with the executive works, were hardpressed for time. More usually than not cases were deferred because of their other pre-occupations.It would be highly frustrating for all concerned to having gone all the distance not to find the Magistrate in the court, he said.

Mr Marbaniang explained since the “Malkhana” was also removed to the new premises, it would be difficult for the prosecution to bring all the way the “exhibits” seized by the police in criminal cases, for presenting before the courts.

Moreover, he informed, the various stationery, including Vakalatnama, bail bonds etc., were all stored at the Bar Library. It would imply that should a lawyer move a bail petition in the Executive Magistrate’s court, he would have to run between Laitumkhrah and Kachhari for four times. Further, the Bar Association’s Library, which was located in the existing place,would not be available for ready reference by the lawyers, he said.

Asked if they had apprised the DC of these aspects, Mr Marbaniang said that the lawyers met him once but he was “determined” to shift on the plea that he would like to have all his offices under one roof,

The Association, which adopted formal resolution opposing the decision, forwarded copies of it to the Chief Minister, Law Minister, Horne Minister and the Chief Secretary. The Law Minister had since Issued an “order” to the DC on July 4. The nature of the order was not known to them, he added.

Mr Marbaniang said a delegation of the Association would soon await upon the Law Minister for seeking his personal intervention.

The Association is of the firm belief that the Executive Courts can be accommodated in the buildings around Kachhari area if proper efforts are made.

The Union Home Ministry in consultatian with the Comptroller and the Auditor General of India, has announced that the procedure for automatic transfer of family pension on the demise of a freedom fighter has been further simplified with immediate effect,

An official press note issued recently said it has been decided that a freedom fighter can make a simple declaration about his spouse and unmarried, unemployed daugnters and get his Pensions Payment Order ammended from the Accountant General concerned to enable the pension disbursing officer to commence payment of dependant pension to the spouse on receipt of a intimation of demise of the freedom fighter.


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