Dunst ‘hypnotised’ to stop smoking

London: Actress Kirsten Dunst is seeking help from a hypnotherapist in a bid to get rid of her smoking habit. The 29-year-old has successfully undergone hypnosis in the past to conquer her addiction to nicotine. “I did it once and it worked. Then I started (smoking) again. So I’ll try to give up again. I’ll do it. You know, I’m much stronger than people think,” dailystar.co.uk quoted her as saying. (IANS)

Ryan Reynolds recalls teenage coma

London: Actor Ryan Reynolds says he was left in a coma for three days when he was 19 after being hit by a drunk driver. The 34-year-old Green Lantern actor was partying with friends in his hometown Vancouver, Canada. As they were walking home, he was struck by a driver who had been consuming alcohol. Reynolds had to be rushed to a hospital. “When I was 19, I was drinking… I was at a bar and I had a few drinks and I thought, ‘You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to leave my car here, be responsible.’ And I started to walk home. And I was hit by a drunk driver,” contactmusic.com quoted Reynolds as saying. “Broke every bone in my left side… I woke up three days later. And I remember my dad sitting there… (with) a vomit tray. And I guess I had been heaving in my unconscious. And nothing says love like painting someone with three-day-old Gin Rummies. Just soaked the man head to toe in my vomit,” he added. (IANS)

Paltrow thinks hubby is like Picasso

London: Actress Gwyneth Paltrow says she doesn’t ask husband Chris Martin for advice on singing because it would be like asking Pablo Picasso how to paint. The actress says Martin, who is the singer-songwriter of the band Coldplay, is a “musical genius” and asking him for tips on singing would be like approaching the legendary Spanish artist for painting advice. “(He’s) a musical genius. It’s like living with Picasso and being like, ‘Should I make a little something-something?’,” contactmusic.com quoted the 38-year-old, who married Martin in 2003, as saying. (IANS)

Ricky open to criticism from friends

London: Singer Ricky Martin says he doesn’t mind being criticised by friends because their comments keep him grounded. “My family and friends have always kept me grounded. I’ve been surrounded by good friends – people I’ve known since I was a kid – who are as raw and honest as they come,”contactmusic.com quoted the 39-year-old as saying. “They know how to say, ‘You suck. That was horrible’. When you’re seduced by fame and applause, and people telling you you’re good, it’s easy to get a big head,” he added. Martin says he got more “freedom” after leaving the boy band Menudo in 1989. “Menudo was all about discipline. I was part of a band and was supposed to say whatever they told me to say, wear the clothes they told me to wear and dance the choreography they told me to dance. “I quit in 1989 because I wanted to be my own man. I was sick of being told what to do, so I moved to New York. Now it’s about entertaining – it’s freedom. It’s about being who I am,” he added. (IANS)

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