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CM wants Anti-Infiltration Directorate set up soon


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By Our Reporter

 SHILLONG: Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma has made it very clear to officials and departments concerned that a separate Anti-Infiltration Directorate be set up at the earliest.

Official sources informed that the government has undertaken various exercise towards achieving the goal.

It has been learnt that the Chief Minister had convened a meeting with senior government officials on Thursday to discuss pros and cons regarding the setting up of this Directorate and made it that the Directorate be set up at the earliest.

Sources informed that the Finance department had received a proposal from the Police headquarters on creation of the infiltration directorate. “The matter is under active examination of the Finance department,” a source said.

Meanwhile, implementation of the work permit system is yet to take off at the ground level though the government had issued notification towards this end on October 14 last.

So far none of the migrant labourers in the State have come forward to register themselves, according to official sources.

Jaintia Hills district administration issued a notification on October 19 directing all concerned including contractors to register the names of coal labourers.

“So far no one has responded to the notification,” official sources said.

Maximum of the migrant labourers are working in the coal mining areas in Jaintia Hills. Around 50 to 60 coal labourers work in a coal mine and there are hundreds of such of mines especially under Khliehriat Civil Subdivision in Jaintia Hills.

Besides, there are migrants labourers working in Garo Hills as wells in various constructions sites in Shillong.

The Chief Minister had already admitted that the influx problem in the State was alarming.

“When I visited certain parts of the State I could see that the local indigenous people have been outnumbered by the people from outside the State,” he had said on an earlier occasion.


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