Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Justice Vaiphei to file suo-moto case against traffic jams


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By Our Special Correspondent

 SHILLONG: Justice T Vaiphei, Judge Shillong Bench, Gauhati High Court said on Tuesday that he would file a suo-moto case against the concerned authorities for the traffic jams along the Shillong Guwahati highway.

“One day it took me six hours to travel between Guwahati and Shillong. The other day it took me four hours.” Justice Vaiphei told the audience at the Rotary Club organized conference, “Eliminating the rising tide of crime against women and children in North East-Police pro-activism and legal remedies, in the city on Tuesday. Justice Vaiphei’s statement resonated with the audience which was palpable from the loud clapping in the hall.

Justice Vaiphei was responding to a query from the audience why a suo-moto case cannot be taken up by the Court against the issue of child labour in the Jaintia Hills coal mines, which was widely reported in the media.

At first Justice Vaiphei told the questioner to file a PIL. “If the Court takes up a suo-moto case we will be accused of taking sides.”

But the questioner persisted and Justice Vaiphei then agreed that issues of public interest could be taken up on suo-moto basis by the Courts.

Earlier addressing the gathering Vaiphei listed out the different sections of the law and various clauses in the Constitution that clearly stipulate that women cannot be discriminated against in the domestic space or the workplace.

Justice Vaiphei lamented that cases of child rape have increased significantly over the years. “In India there are plenty of legislations but budgetary support for implementing these laws is not adequate. At present Protection Officers have been appointed for all seven districts of Meghalaya as per the requirements of the Domestic Violence Act 2005, but the right talent cannot be attracted because of meager salary and lack of facilities, Justice Vaiphei remarked.

Taking a dig at the Police Department Justice Vaiphei said police who investigate a crime usually get a ramshackle vehicle or no vehicle at all, thereby delaying the investigation. Even magistrates do not get proper compensation so they are not motivated to deliver. The Judge observed that only when resources are made available then the laws can be effectively implemented.


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