Black & White

By Ananya S Guha

“They have started the second phase!” my friend told me in a tone of pitched ecstasy.

I asked innocuously: “What second phase; and who I pray are ‘they’?” “You fool” he thundered. “The second phase of fasting by Team A”.

“That will be slightly difficult. You feel more hungry in winter and lime juice is not attractive in the winter months. I suggest that they take coffee to break the fast.” “What!” he shouted

“Hardly has the fast begun and you are talking of breaking it. You don’t want a clean India.” “Of course not.” I replied; “India does need cleaning. There is a lot of filth and muck everywhere. That is why the Sulabh organization got going.”

“There you go” he moaned. “Always speaking with sarcasm, cynicism and tangentially. “The second phase is the second fight for independence”. “What about the first phase?” I quipped. “That was the first” he replied. “And the fight against British rule?” I asked. “That” he said “was against external aggressors. This is to fight for internal security.” “But, why do you call it freedom?” I persisted.

“Because you moron, we shall be free. Free from corruptibility, black money and all the muscle power that goes with it. Black will be made white and anything white which is not done per rules will be made black! Black and white, black will undergo a transparent metamorphosis. There!” he said triumphantly.

“That’s wonderful” I mulled. “Black and white will co-exist isn’t it?” “Exactly, exactly but it will be the rule of the white”.

“But how will you ensure that?” I asked. “Why get rid of all the black sheep that is ruling the roost at the Centre. Team A will float a white party and to launch the party, a one day fast will be made, mandatory. The party will represent white, its symbol will be white”.

“But what about black money?” I queried nervously.

“Well that will be distributed to the party for its use and to save all expenditure and money wasting to make savings for the newly floated party.” “Save you” I muttered and ran for safety from one more of his tirades to continue.

But before I could escape he gave his parting shot: “This will be the party of the junta -NGP (Non Governmental Party). That way they will steer clear of murky politics and yet take care of our beloved country… Cry, the beloved country: cry.”

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